Why your business must have a mobile app in 2016



Not just will your mobile app be a cool advertising device (permitting you to say things like, visit our site to download our free application!) that will get end users coming back to your site, yet it will permit you to draw in with your users in a radically new manner.

There was a time when people use to feel, there is no requirement of mobile apps, when people can browse through the websites and Google search anything they want to know. Present era shows a different scenario, where every user feel a need of splashing into the sea of mobile apps. Report says, mobile users devote 80% of their time in using mobile apps. Building only a website for your business could be considered as planning a weak marketing strategy for your business, as it is quite older fashion.

The present generation use applications to have any information they’re looking for right on their fingertip. This, itself, show the importance of mobile apps in the market and why every business should strive much on building a mobile app over website. Any type of business can plan a mobile marketing strategies, for this can help it to acquire their prospective customers and retain the older ones. Moreover, it gives a good impression on customer’s mind when it finds that along with online presence, you have a mobile app too.

Let’s take a glance on why mobile apps is paramount for business and how can it bring significant revolutionary changes in business world.

1.  Demonstrate your product well with mobile app

In this technologically driven time, the rapid growth of Smartphone users has made the word ‘application’ the most heard and used term in a day. This is the best fashion to take your store to users and demonstrate your products and/or services, accordingly. You can announce your product’s special offers, discounts, new schemes, etc., in a much easier way as ever.

App can describe and showcase your product and its features along with its picture or video, appropriate description, its price, and related information. This has one more benefit; once you successfully lured your prospective customers through your app, they can see and purchase more products from your online store once they are in.

2. Easy way to reach your customer

Most important benefit of having a mobile app in a business is that you can reach your customer anytime you want. Surprisingly, email marketing has less impact on users. It has 4 percent read rates while push notifications attracts 97% of it. Half of the battle is already achieved if your target audience is the young generation.

They are always “plugged in”; hence they cannot survive without smart phones, internet and mobile apps. The new generation is gadget savvy and believes in doing a lot of research through the mobile or other gadgets. Therefore, if you’ve tagged important and relevant keywords with your app, you can easily create space in your target user’s smart gadget. In this way, you can create a new user-base also.

3. Generate revenue through mobile apps

Although, it can cost you a huge amount of bucks to create an app but in long run, you can get even more money than you ever invested during its development. Once you have launched the basic version of your app, check the popularity it has gained through its review. If the impact is good, try launching its advanced versions.

Customize this version with some of the paid features (in-app purchase) and services. You can also incorporate in-app advertising to earn money through app and boost your business profitability scale. By 2017, digital marketing is expected to drag nine billion pound retail traffic to a business and amusingly, half of it would be covered by mobile apps alone. In this way you can easily expand your business. Advisably, create app compatible to all the mobile operating system platforms.

4. Brand awareness

For brand awareness, in the contemporary market, mobile apps are the best tool. You can add as many information about your product in an app, as you can. The more attractive and functional you build your app, the more you can successfully market your product. The app should be corroborated with numerous workable features and designing must be alluring to catch interest of the users. This will further gain you a chance to make your user incline towards buying your product.

5. Hand-free mobile apps

Some apps are competent enough to cater A-Class UX with exceptional efficiency and ease. The warehouse operative apps are meant hand-free to have easy access while working (packing the outgoing orders). As they require both hands while packing and moving the orders, in this way they cannot carry radio frequency identification (RFID) to stay in connection with other employees.

A mobile app, here, can help, where an employee can have the voice commands through cell phone ear-plugs connected to their uniform belts. This is how an app can help in maintaining warehouse management system.

6. User Satisfaction is important

Consumer loyalty is one of the keys to maintaining an effective business. Achievement in any industry is regularly measured by its users; whether they are satisfied or not. If they are satisfied with your product, they will be recommend it to their circle, if not they will seldom prescribe you to their companions and relatives.

The same applies to mobile applications. May be your user don’t care for your application or don’t utilize it if it doesn’t perform well. So in the event that you make an application that baffles or irritates those, chances are your application will be erased and get terrible response.

The most well-known motivation behind why users may forsake or erase an application is poor UX. This incorporates substantial battery utilization, moderate responsiveness, an excess of advertisements, etc. If application can’t give a positive early and impressive introduction, it is most likely going to disappoint clients and it is likely going to be get uninstalled, forever.

The app’s world is the most challenging yet promising tool one could ever have. On the other hand, the one thing that is unsurprising is that they’re staying for a sufficiently long period, prominently to strengthen your business.

So, to face the cut-throat competition of the market, invest in app development and marketing and be resourceful. This generation believes that if your business has mobile app, your business has the capability to stand in the competition. You can easily find a reliable iPhone or Android app development company.

Author’s Bio:

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in an iPhone application development company.

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