Why You Should Visit the Gynecologist

Reproductive health is a vital issue for women, yet it is one that is still all too frequently overlooked or neglected 2020 - Negosentro
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Negosentro.com |Why You Should Visit the Gynecologist | Reproductive health is a vital issue for women, yet it is one that is still all too frequently overlooked or neglected. When you consult in a gynecology clinic in Montreal, you will gain access to much-needed resources that help you take control of your well-being. For any stage in life, a gynecologist’s input and expertise can greatly improve your health outcomes.

Annual Checkups

Just like you go to a general physician for a yearly physical, you should also visit your gynecologist on an annual basis for a routine checkup. During this exam, your gynecologist will perform a pelvic exam to check for any abnormal issues or signs of an STI. Pap smears are another common element of these annual checkups, taking a small cervical cell sample to ensure that you are in good health. Your exam will also typically include a breast exam and urine sample. 

This comprehensive overview allows your gynecologist to identify any health issues that may need to be addressed. During the checkup, you can also ask your practitioner about any concerns you may have. This proactive approach will ensure you get treatment for health problems before they get out of the plan.

Pregnancy & Family Planning

Gynecologists also play an important role in issues related to pregnancy and family planning. Before trying to get pregnant, it is often a good idea to meet with your gynecologist for a checkup and to get reliable information on ensuring a healthy pregnancy. A gynecologist can also provide advice when you don’t want to get pregnant, helping you choose the best contraception method for your situation. If you have experienced issues with menstruation or are worried about infertility, your gynecologist will serve as a vital resource for helping you decide what steps to take next.

Reproductive Diseases

There are a wide range of conditions that can affect the reproductive system. Benign conditions such as fibroids, vaginal ulcers, or ovarian cysts can affect fertility or cause painful sex. Premalignant conditions like cervical dysplasia can have more severe side effects and eventually lead to cancer. Other women are afflicted by chronic pain from endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. Regardless of the issue you’re facing, a gynecologist will offer specialized, expert care to help you treat and manage your condition.


Whether you simply need to monitor your reproductive health or need help addressing a congenital abnormality, your gynecologist is the best resource available. By giving your professional guidance and treatment, they will help you enjoy great health in the years to come.


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