Why Should You Keep a Journal

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Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com

Journalism is not all about news and current events, but also documentation of anything that you have in mind. Read how writing on a journal will help you succeed.

Remember when you’re still young, you used to keep diaries? I once had a small Barbie covered design journal with a similar lock with other diaries. I like the knack of opening and closing the lock of my journal back then. For me, it’s a symbol of ownership and knowing that all my thoughts are written in there. Introverts can relate why keeping a journal is helpful. Why? We don’t usually speak our mind right away. We speak our mind through different ways such as art of writing, painting, cooking, it could be anything. However, keeping a journal when I was kid somehow helped me to organize my thoughts and control my emotions.

1. Journal is your best Listener

No one will ever judge you about how you feel or what you feel. Your diary will only listen to you, it provides you countless blank spaces waiting to be filled by your ink pen. There is no pressure when you tell a secret, unlike telling it to your best friend that turns out, you don’t trust anymore.

2. It enhances your memory

Studies show that when you write on a journal, you more likely to remember what you wrote easily. Keeping a journal truly helped me during my past career as a journalist. I get to write immediately the details I needed on the paper. It’s crucial to quote the best “soundbite” of an interview. After talking to an interviewee, I may be able to highlight and distinguish right away the quote that I wanted to include on my story. My past boss told me, “The details are not legit when you didn’t write it on your notes.”

3. Self-discovery

I didn’t stop writing on my diary until third year of college. When I had a free time, reread and skimmed all the entries of my diary. I discovered myself even more, my personality, my feelings towards this person, what I want to do with my life and so forth. Because of my thoughts return on paper, I have the actual documents to re-evaluate myself. Keeping a journal is easier for you to revisit your past and think of how you can improve yourself, and your life.

4. Goal-planning

I use my Evernote android app for this. I write down my short-term and long-term goals in life, my career or could be anything. Writing out our goals provides the opportunity to articulate them clearly and makes their achievement appear closer.

5. Ideas

Your journal is your clutter box of thoughts and ideas. A journal is not only for aspiring writers or bloggers, businessmen and entrepreneurs should keep one to. Randomly had an idea? Jot it down then come back for it later. Many times you come across something and say, “I should suggest that to my boss at the meeting.” And when you’re there, you totally forget what your thought of. That’s why you need a journal, even our phones have default note apps. Not into pen and paper? Try journal apps like Evernote, Writr, Bliss or Journer.


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