Why You Should Hire A BootStrap Developer For Your Front End 

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Negosentro.comWhy You Should Hire A BootStrap Developer For Your Front End  | Modern web developers here use a variety of frontend frameworks to create quality storefronts. The main priority for frontend developers is creating a storefront that is made from reliable yet efficient code and features an appealing interface. Fulfilling these priorities is essential for a quality frontend development, however, this isn’t always easily achieved.

A Bootstrap Summary 

Bootstrap was created by Mark Ottoman and Jacob Thornton and was originally called ‘Twitter Blueprint.’ It was made within the Twitter development team, which helped launch its popularity. It established itself as a worthwhile framework because it’s so easy to implement and it has a dynamic range of components to make use of. Bootstrap features CSS and HTML files so you can explore a range of templates, buttons, forms and image carousels to name a few capabilities. It also supports plenty of Javascript plugins. 

The overarching purpose of Bootstrap is to easily create responsive front-ends, that are compatible with all browsers and provide a satisfactory user experience. 

Benefits of Bootstrap Development


Bootstrap is a great solution for those wanting to create a website or application quickly! The process is mainly sped up by using prebuilt blocks of code rather than having to structure code from the ground up. Of course, readymade themes also help in speeding things up. 

Device Responsive

If your eCommerce site isn’t responsive in this modern market, then you’re limiting your potential revenue by a significant amount.  Recent statistics show that 40% of users will leave to a competitors site after experiencing a negative mobile experience. Bootstrap’s 12-column grid system assures that your website can adjust to screens of any size. Responsiveness allows you to always get the most useful content to users even when operating on a very small screen. 

Customization Options 

Bootstrap is flexible and allows developers to create frontend that suits exact business requirements. This involves increasing the functionality of features or perhaps removing what isn’t needed to optimize site performance. 

Support Services 

Bootstrap has a thriving support community and has over 9000 commits and 500 contributors on GitHub. Bootstrap also releases consistent updates to provide solutions for any recent issues. Of course, Bootstrap is developer-friendly and a developer can easily provide closer support if needed. 

The Popularity of Bootstrap Developers 

The popularity in Bootstrap as a framework has subsequently resulted in an increased demand for Bootstrap development services. If you are deciding to use Bootstrap for your front-end, then you should have no problem finding a freelancer or development firm to take on the project. 

What Technical Skills or Services Should A Bootstrap Developer Provide? 

If you are considering hiring a Bootstrap developer for your next project then it’s important you know what skills they should have  when reviewing their resume, freelancing profile or development company services. 

  • Be proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript: Having experience for with a full web stack allows a developer to make use of all Bootstrap’s capabilities.
  • Knowledge of Javascript and CSS frameworks: It should go without saying that the preeminent CSS framework needs CSS, but the role of JS in frontend—especially in our modern development environment—cannot be understated. To familiarize yourself with the most worthwhile Javascript frameworks, take a moment to read this piece reviewing the most popular JS frameworks for 2019
  • Popper.js and Jquery expertise: Popper.js helps position elements exactly where a client desires, while Jquery ensures development is kept simple, lightweight and allows cross browser compatibility. 
  • Debugging and testing experience: To ensure performance, testing is an essential part of development. Specifically, a developer needs to display an understanding of debugging and testing in regards to Bootstrap’s tools.
  • Able to provide maintenance: focus should always be placed on monitoring web performance. Site speed has a huge influence on site performance.To provide a positive user experience, it’s recommended that your site should take no longer than three seconds to load!

What Soft Skills Should A BootStrap Developer Have? 

No matter how technically brilliant a developer is, their skills aren’t useful if they haven’t developed the appropriate soft skills.

Communication: Being able to give feedback, make suggestions and provide regular work updates helps a great deal in project accuracy. A developer should be comfortable using a range of communication channels, prioritising different information for different communication channels (big issues or changes should be discussed in a call etc). 

Teamwork: Perhaps your hired developer will have to now work with your in-house team or a different third party. Even it they only need to consult with one person (you) they should show a general appreciation for your skills, and join you in the collective effort for project success. 

Creativity: This is quite hard to measure. The best indication will of a developer’s work portfolio. They should have a portfolio displaying HTML5/CSS projects with varying designs in a range of industries. Sometimes you will have to request to see previous work for privacy reasons—certain portfolio projects might not be public. 

Offshore Hiring: What Should You Look For? 

When hiring bootstrap developers many business owners look to hire offshore as it can be more affordable than hiring locally. This is especially useful for startups who are working with a tight budget. However, it isn’t as simple as just taking the first option you see offshore that is viable within your budget. 

It’s important you take into account any cultural challenges you may face, especially when considering communication! The positive thing about modern development hiring is that popular development companies are accustomed to working with clients from various cultural backgrounds. Industry leaders will often have gained a global presence and therefore will have a team you can communicate with that might better suit your cultural normalities, while development work will still be undertaken offshore. 

Therefore, you need to do your research when hiring a Bootstrap developer from overseas. Below, I will indicate what aspects signify a reputable Bootstrap development company: 

5+ Years of Industry Experience: The web development industry is overcrowded and extremely competitive, and a company’s longevity is a great sign of quality. It also is an indication of a larger team which has more resources to satisfy your project and have a higher likelihood of a global presence.

Abundant Work Portfolio: A companies work portfolio should be easily accessible and reflect the years of experience the company boasts. It’s worth checking when their last project was completed. If they have “8+ years of industry experience” but their last portfolio entry was two years ago, they might be experiencing a dip in service quality. 

Support Services: This is an aspect you need to get a true gauge on. Many companies claim to offer 24/7 services, yet in reality this means an hour window where one can talk to a Bootstrap expert or project manager, while the other 23 hours are covered by a chatbot. The bigger human window a company can provide the better! This is a big advantage of global companies who always have someone on the line no matter your timezone. 

Where is the Most Cost-Effective Country to Hire Bootstrap Developers? 

There are many affordable offshore options but the most popular place when mixing technical expertise and cost is India by a landslide! India boasts a higher population of development professionals who are formally qualified than any other country, and for that level of talent they have are easily the most cost-efficient. This also reflects the importance of taking the above hiring factors into account, as there are so many to choose from! 

Recommended Bootstrap Development Companies (India)  

  1. K2B Solutions

This development companies is only in India and has Bootstrap experts. If you would like to better see their approach to Bootstrap projects, it’d be worthwhile viewing their user interface solutions page. They have experience working with a range of industries and have completed over 3000 development projects (in general). 

  1. CodeClouds

CodeClouds have a slightly larger global presence with offices in India, the US, Australia and New Zealand. They too offer Bootstrap development specialists and have a plentiful company portfolio to back this up. Many people recommend you hire Bootstrap developers from them because of their competitive subscription packages. They offer cost-efficient monthly pricing plans where clients can hire more expertise (project managers, professional testers, designers etc) at an affordable rate. Their presence in multiple time zones means communication windows are almost always open as well! 

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