Why India is Bullish over Tipstop as a Research Platform for Stock Investors


by Sudhir Ahluwalia | Negosentro.com |

Those of us who have traded in stocks and shares know that often the best trades are those that are backed by research. The better the quality of research, the higher the likelihood is to make profit. Impulsive or gut feel based trade often gives poor outcomes.

Tipstop is a stock research platform. Brokers register on the platform. They share their research there. Investors register to access this research. They pay to join the site. Once in, they review  the research shared by individual brokers. The investor is able to make an informed choice on the broker he wants to do business with. Before Tipstop platform became available, investors had to connect with individual brokers to trade on the stock market. Selecting a broker was done more through word of mouth and not through comparatively analysis.

Even as the platform was getting built, given its utility, some brokers wanted Aditya to build a platform exclusively for them. Brokers are people who understand money and they know when they see a good trade. Tipstop appears a good trade for them. It was meeting a felt need and here was one of their own who had come up with a solution.

Today the entrepreneur has outsourced the platform building work to an agency based out of Mumbai India. However, to leverage the power of technology fully, the platform will need to be upgraded substantially. To do this, Tipstop will require access to the best available technical manpower. Small outsourcing platform makers generally have limitations and are rarely attract top quality hackers and programmers. I hope that the outsourcing agency entrusted with the task of building Tipstop is substantial enough to attract the best programming talent.

Brokers have access to a lot of institutional knowledge. This as mentioned earlier is often available in paper format. In order to fully leverage this valuable institutional database, these documents will need to be first digitized. The knowledge contained therein can then be available for unlocking with the use of various tools.

Maybe a combination of digitization, data scraping, data aggregation, analytics will throw up insightful trends for the future. This, if successfully completed and deployed can convert a simple idea into a potentially powerful decision support system.

Aditya, Founder of Tipstop has access to domain knowledge. Probably he needs to make efforts to get access to the appropriate technology to leverage his natural advantage He should not be in a hurry to book profits, the Tipstop.in as an asset has potential of giving great long term returns.

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Sudhir Ahluwalia is a business consultant. He has been management consulting head of Asia’s largest IT outsourcing company Tata Consultancy Services, business advisor to multiple companies, columnist and author of upcoming book on herbs-Holy Herbs. He has been a member of the Indian Forest Service. His webpage is: www.sudhirahluwalia.com

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