Why Human Security is Still the Ultimate Threat Mitigator


by Homerun Nievera, Negosentro.com |

As we move forward into a new era, the dominance of technology is evident. Kids these days are wired into electronic devices, unmanned planes fill the skies, and the internet is king.

Our dependence on technology has led many people to devalue the importance of the individual. Unlike robotics, humans can’t be easily replaced like cars on an assembly line. This is especially evident in the field of security.

It is very tempting to settle purely for electronic means of protecting your investments, but in reality, the prime option for security should always be human beings.

Constant Awareness

While many security measures like alarms or cameras are fantastic deterrents, nothing tops an actual person.

A security person can always keep an eye out for emerging threats, and the human mind can process all of the threats quickly and efficiently. Whereas a camera would only show you a glimpse of a silhouette, a person can analyse the figure and determine if it’s an actual threat.

This intuitive process is only found in human beings, and it makes real-life security officers prized possessions. The common mistake made by many customers is that you can easily find anyone to do the job of security. In reality, it takes a well-trained, highly experienced individual with a unique set of skills to do the job effectively.

It is for that reason an emphasis on human-heavy security measures should be prioritized. Sure, it may be cheaper to plug a camera into the wall, but the risk of an intruder bypassing the camera is very likely as well.

Also, unlike a camera, a person can see all angles of a compound. Movable cameras, although practicable, can be expensive. Their limited angles require clients to purchase large packages of them to ensure every square inch is accounted. The power that five cameras can wield can be harnessed a hundred-fold in a single person.

The cost of operating these cameras and maintaining them is a high price to pay when compared to a man. Men get tired, but not well-trained, well-prepared men. This is where the importance of investing in quality personnel comes in. If you hire veterans or highly-trained professionals, they will be constantly vigilant no matter the circumstances.

Always Current

Whether it’s your cell phone or computer, your device must be constantly updated. Security devices are no different.

Most CCTV feeds run on specialized firmware that has to be constantly adjusted and updated. Alarm systems have to be maintained and upgraded. A human being requires no updates, no firmware, and will never be rendered obsolete.

Many clients opt to use outdated low-cost security measures, but these options are often unwise to implement. Older security systems are often compromised, and even an untrained teenager can easily hack or destroy an old system.

By utilizing actual people to do most of your security, you’re placing an emphasis on progress. You’re making a guarantee that very few can make. As most people settle for new technology under the guise of progression, in reality, they are setting themselves back.

Durability beyond Compare

Relying on machinery or inanimate machines to think and react as a human does is simply illogical and irresponsible. Security cannot be treated in such a cold manner. The very notion of security is human emotion. It is natural to protect the things and people you value, and you can’t leave these responsibilities in the care of a cold, calculating machine.

These devices are victims of their soon-to-be obsolesce. Humanity, although imperfect, is constantly evolving, constantly weathering obstacles.

For example, in a cold winter, electronic devices often stop working or break. A human simply straps on a coat and weathers the storm. In warmer weather, computerized or machine-operated systems tend to overheat and implode. A human being wipes the sweat off of his brow and keeps trudging ahead.

Invest in durability that cannot be measured, not an easily breakable piece of metal.

Make Connections with Good People

The people that man most professional security firms are some of the finest individuals you will ever meet. These organizations are operated by the most diligent, hard-working men and women imaginable.

Human security has been a prized occupation for thousands of years and the tradition continues. These are individuals that want to help and make a difference. They want to help and protect you and your family with all their collective heart.

If you strap a camera to your wall or plug in an alarm, sure it might work, but that alarm won’t understand the concept of loyalty. It won’t be able to shake your hand, look into your eyes, and make a heart-to-heart promise that can’t be measured in pounds.

It is a commitment that goes beyond money. It is for that reason that the human being is far superior. They will treat protecting your home as a long-term commitment. It won’t be a one-time gig that’s poorly performed.

This new connection will result in a hard-earned journey in trust and respect. As your children grow into adults, they too will understand the meaning of loyalty and mutual trust. Often the security industry gets a bad reputation for apathy and money-first economics.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. In reality, these people love to work and help others, and it is yet another reason why human-first security is superior to all electronic methodology.

A Wise Compromise

It is certainly unwise to indict all technological means of security. Just because an overemphasis of technology exists, it doesn’t make it bad. It just means a steady compromise between man and machine must be made.

Rather than relying on nothing but men or nothing but machines, rely on a combination of both. It is entirely impossible to develop a comprehensive security system that features the best of both worlds.

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