Why Choose a Flat Fee Recruitment Agency Over Commission Based Fee

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When it comes to quality employee recruitment, many companies want to look for an agency that can help them find the best talent to join their business. As an employer, it’s necessary to choose a firm that can provide you with quality employees for lower fees.

Choosing a flat fee or fixed fee recruitment agency is an excellent alternative for offering your company with high-quality caliber of candidates. Utilizing its services will help you save thousands of dollars from your recruiting costs. It can also require you with a fixed payment whether you hire one or more candidates.

A flat fee recruiting can help cater your hiring needs at a pace and effectively meet your goals. To catch more insights, check out these top reasons why you must choose a flat fee recruiting instead of other agencies like commission based fee.

It’s Cheaper

As an employer, utilizing a recruitment firm is beneficial for your company. Since agencies differ in pricing, you need to be aware that traditional firms require a charge on percentage fees. Thus, it can be an expensive option since it can cost thousands of dollars on your recruiting expenses.

Instead, choosing a flat fee recruitment agency can be an excellent alternative. It can provide you with high-quality candidates while helping you save a significant amount of your recruiting expenses. It only requires one payment that’s upfront, clear, and fixed. In that sense, you can hire one up to fifty employees while only paying one fixed amount.

Depending on your requirement, the use of a flat fee recruiter can help you save about 100 to 100,000 thousand dollars on your Human Resource costs. It would also require no percentages and no placement fees. Your budget also comes with other essential services like the employees’ training and improvements.

It Can Fill as Many Roles Per Vacancy as Possible

Other than being costly, some agencies might not also help reach your expectations. They would only require limited candidates to hire in the same position and on the same career paths. They would also need you to pay a 15 percent extra fee for each of them. So it can be costly to hire multiple employees with a traditional agency.

A flat fee recruitment agency can fill as many roles per vacancy as possible for your company while only paying for one campaign. Whether you need one or more employees, you’ll still be paying a fixed price no matter how many roles or vacancies you want. Therefore, you’ll get as many talents you’d need with no extra costs.

A flat fee recruiting can attract as many talents for the vacancy as possible. It does a lot of things to ensure that your job advertisement will get maximum coverage. It also has access to multiple social media sites, job boards, and stored database to find and attract those suitable candidates.

It Can Benefit the Online Job Scene

The employment market has already shifted into today’s digital age. With that, utilizing flat fee recruitment can help you effectively hire high caliber talent cost-effectively. The flat fee recruiters can offer you with expert skills and knowledge to optimize your job advertisements and get the most coverage possible, primarily through online.

If your adverts aren’t performing well as you expect, these recruiters can then help you resource the position in many ways. They can search for multiple social media sites or job boards such as CVLibrary to Total Jobs and Fish4jobs to Monster to find those candidates that are perfect for the position.

The agency will be managing and screening every application to help quickly find the best candidates that suit your needs. It will also develop, monitor, and hone your campaign to help you know it’s doing well.

It Offers a Pick n’ Mix Approach

Flat fee recruitment can offer you with one fixed package. Apart from that, it also allows you to utilize its Pick n’ Mix approach that can help you choose which services you need. Therefore, using it can help you save on your recruiting costs while getting quality services that can meet your hiring needs.

Pick n’ Mix approach can provide you with control to succeed in your campaign. A flat fee recruiting can also offer you with a Campaign Builder Tool. This tool allows you to choose from its extra services such as Offer Management, Interview Management, Telephone Screening, and Advert Preparation.

The Campaign Builder Tool is on top of the basic package of a Flat fee recruitment agency in Vancouver BC. It can help you with screening and filtering candidates to give you the best at a pace. In that sense, you can save your time and money while benefiting its external recruitment strategy.


Choosing traditional staffing agency such as Commission Based Fee can be costly. Instead, the use of flat fee recruitment is an excellent alternative that can provide you with a lot of benefits, such as those listed above. It can help you save time and money while ensuring your company with better quality and quantity of employees cost-effectively.