Which One is best for You? Self-storage vs. Main Storage


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Storage has now become a popular way for people to do many things, not only with the ranges of space they can rent but with the time they spend there. Most people think of storage as a cavernous like place where people squirrel away things that they have no longer have any space for in their homes.


Self-storage is a more flexible solution for shorter-term storage needs, commonly used when moving your home, space clearing, redecorating or home building work. Self-storage is a more convenient, cost-effective solution and is commonly offered in units of differing sizes, with a scale of costs according to the size of unit you need. Access can be granted at any time, and delivery/redelivery of goods can either be handled by the customer or by the storage company. Interested in self-storage in Perth? Pick a winner, not a loser.

Main Storage

Main storage (AKA Regular storage) is commonly applied where goods and personal effects are loaded into containers or on wooden pallets and kept safely in a secure warehouse, usually for a long period of time. Companies offering long-term storage often provide expert packing services to ensure items are protected before going into storage.

So which one is for you? Well, that obviously depends on what you need storage for in the first place, doesn’t it?

1 – Somewhere for Your Hobbies? Everybody has hobbies. Who doesn’t love that time at the weekend when nothing is better than indulging in your favourite hobby? The thing is, being a collector, it can be somewhat difficult to find a safe space for your wonderful collection(s).  Answer – Self Storage

2 – Business. If you are selling products online and have no space at home, then a space is just waiting for you!

Answer – Self storage

3 – Home Renovations. So, at last, your dream home has become a reality and it’s now time to make it feel like a dream. But, with the necessity to decorate your home, you will need to find a storage solution for furniture and other items. Once the work is completed, you can complete it some more by simply retrieving your belongings and away you go! Home sweet dream home!

Answer – Self Storage

4 – Travelling the world or working abroad. There are some people who choose to leave for a month or two or even for a year or more, and a number of those will have a homecoming date and some will not. Whatever, the last thing any of them should have to be concerned about when they are leaving on a trip, is to be worried about their personal belongings.

Answer – Main Storage

5 – Tools. If you are a mechanic, a repair worker or a painter? Does leaving your tools in the van overnight concern you? Storage means a place, where you can simply drop off your tools at the end of the working day and return for them the next morning. Perthmetro Storage are the people to check out for professional and affordable storage solutions. Do yourself a favour!

Answer – Self Storage

And there you have it, self-storage is the way to go, and shall be for a very long time, as more people than ever are using it these days. G’day.

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