Where in the World are Top Tech Billionaires From? [Infographic]

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Sharing this article and infographic from WhoIsHostingThis  as it seems interesting to see where the top 10 tech billionaires are coming from geographically. Read on…

The world is full of successful people, but when most people think of successful billionaire tech entrepreneurs, a picture of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs probably comes to mind. But the truth is, not all tech gurus are the same, and not all tech gurus come from the United States, either. Some of the biggest and brightest tech minds are from other corners of our planet, and their lives are fascinating.

If you look at the world as a whole, many successful tech billionaires have emerged from countries like India, Japan, South Korea and Finland – and more. They most certainly don’t

come from the same mold, with their diverse backgrounds and exotic places of origin. What is the common denominator here? Determination, great vision and high intelligence puts them in the same league, but it’s what makes them different that is the most interesting facet.

The entrepreneurial spirit has made the tech industry what it is today, a melding of genius minds creating exciting innovations. And although you may not be able to pronounce their names, their brilliant brains have made our world a better place for everyone, computer user or not.

So, who is leading the digital revolution? Here is an interesting glimpse into just a handful of tech billionaires from around the globe. Let’s go to Russia to learn about the co-founder of Google, to France to find out about the founder of eBay and First Look Media, and then off to China to look at two ground-breaking tech giants there.

They come from Germany and India, too – and their rise to fame and fortune may make you wonder exactly where the next up and coming tech billionaire will emerge from in our diverse world. Although there are quite a few tech giants in Silicon Valley, California, many are busy making their first billion in many other Silicon Valleys in other parts of the planet.

SOURCE: WhoIsHostingThis

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