What to Look for in an Ideal Job Candidate

Image: Pexels.com

by Reuben James Moriones, Negosentro.com |

Hiring a job candidate is not easy anymore. In an increasingly competitive industry, companies have to be very thorough during the selection process. For a construction company, hiring somebody who is not good at what they do could prove to be a major liability.

Construction companies generally have to care for a lot of things. There are large projects that must be completed on time. Time management is crucial, and improvisation often becomes necessary at certain stages during the construction. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring for a managerial position or for an entry level employee, there are certain key qualities that you should look for in an ideal job candidate. Being one of the top recruitment agencies in the construction, water treatment and hygiene industry, Future-Select is one of the biggest agencies that can help you find the right employee for any job opening. Here are a few things to look for in an ideal job candidate:


A candidate who is motivated solely by money is not a good choice. The desire to earn money is progressive; demands continue to grow over time. Hence, within a few years, if the employee does not get a significant raise, they are likely to become demotivated. This could impact employee performance, and can also cut in to the company’s profits. On the other hand, hiring an employee who is motivated to succeed at their job is a better idea.

Such employees are keen to learn. While money still remains a major motivating factor, it is not the only factor. Such employees are motivated with the prospect of job advancements. The prospect of a promotion is what keeps them going, and they try their hardest to outperform other candidates.


Improvisation is a crucial skill that is needed in employees nowadays. It doesn’t matter if your company operates in the asbestos selling, the mining industry or in the water treatment and hygiene industry; you need employees who can improvise on the go. Doing everything by the book can also cause unnecessary delays.

When interviewing the candidate, ask them questions that highlight their improvisational and analytical skills. You need problem solvers in the company. Problems can arise at any time, and the only difference between a massive loss and a smaller loss is quick thinking. Hire employees who can make quick decisions on their feet, and your company is likely to prosper.


This goes without saying, but knowledge of the relevant industry is crucial to the success of your business. If you are running an asbestos company, the ideal candidate should know all of the different mining processes and qualities of asbestos. They should also know any harmful effects that asbestos might cause. Similarly, if your company runs a water treatment and hygiene plant, you need employees who have knowledge of the different treatment processes as well as how effective they are. These are important factors that can determine whether the employee is a good fit in the company or not.