What Is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business Process Management (BPM)

Negosentro.com | What Is Business Process Management (BPM)? | You have probably seen somewhere in a construction industry publication or website the acronym BPM. But what is behind these three letters?

What is BPM?

BPM or Business Process Management is one of the most used work methodologies in construction companies (both in SMEs and multinationals).

The management of business processes allows you to optimize the production processes given in the different departments of a construction company, in addition to achieving considerable savings in time and money in the medium-long term.

In a complicated business and social context, in which optimizing resources to obtain excellent results becomes a business maxim, it is not surprising that more and more construction companies are implementing BPM. 

As if that were not enough, with BPM management you can control the visibility, modelling and management of the various construction facilities of your company.

BPM represents a series of activities or tasks including people, applications, events and business activities, as well as organizations. BPM can also relate to other improvement processes such as Six Sigma.

When did BPM emerge?

Different experts consider that the Japanese management model, mainly the production system established in Toyota during the 1980s, represents the beginning of BPM. 

Subsequently and with the appearance of various international quality standards for construction, the implementation of this structural system based on process management was implemented.

But for business process management to be truly profitable and effective within construction companies, it is necessary to have a set of tools that provide the necessary support to ensure compliance. Known as Business Process Management Software, these techniques have a common notation called Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN). 

With an integrated solution such as BPMS, a construction company can comfortably and easily automate any internal process that has to do with Human Resources, Quality Control, Purchasing, Customer Relations (CRM), Risk Management, Sales and after-sales, Billing, Administration, etc.

The value chain as a key concept

One of the most common concepts related to process management is the value chain. It is about how actions and activities are developed in a company. It is a term of great importance in BPM because it helps to distinguish different links interconnected with each other and present in the production circuit. So, there will be primary construction activities, support actions such as sound testing and structural inspection, in addition to other essential actions for the smooth running of a company.

The implementation of BPM in a company

When implementing project management, you must consider the purpose of this procedure. Most construction companies not only seek to optimize time and monetary resources but also to determine the degree of customer satisfaction with completed projects. 

Process management can determine, analyze and assess aspects of quality, methods of production, the delivery time of the project or even the budget.

After the in-depth analysis of the processes, faults, defects, anomalies or even errors can be detected and corrected after applying the appropriate changes. Thanks to BPM, construction companies manage to be more effective and efficient not only in working times but also in the relationship with the end customer. 

But it is not the only advantage of BPM. Process management allows you to define the status of the current process and possible improvements to be made, meet the strategic functions, analyze and compare different scenarios related to processes, control metrics, as well as the development of new processes based on innovation.

With the help of experts in the application and implementation of business process management, you will see how from now on your construction business could begin to generate the benefits you expect.

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