What Employers Think Of Online Degrees


Some employers have negative perception about the online degrees but this perception is changing rapidly. In 2013 a report found that many of the human resource managers and other company executives thought of online degrees as unaccredited programs which offered a degree to anyone who had sufficient money to pay. They called the online degree programs as diploma mills.

But recently the perceptions of the employers have changed and this is evident from the following real experiences shown by some online degree students. A train conductor who is also a full time program student says “In my interviews no one has asked me if I am a class going student or an online program student. The only thing they asked and cared about my GPA and the major degree subject”.

An another aspirant for bachelor’s degree at Pace University was confident of taking the degree online and the only thing he thought will be in the way of getting a good job was a Master’s degree. He seemed really confident about the online program and was sure that no employer is going to ask about the mode of pursuing the program.

In the recent years the number of job applicants having online degrees has increased significantly and at the same time the acceptance of the online degrees by the employers has also increased.  The judging criterion is totally based on the real time experience of the candidate and his personality and skills possessed by him relevant to the job. Though still there are a number of employers and companies who still give the preference to the traditional college going candidates but the real time performance of the online degree students in jobs is changing their perception. Soon their will be no difference between an on-campus degree and an online degree.

Source: universities.academy