Vital Steps to Improve Customer Satisfaction


Jamie Olson, Negosentro | There are thousands of facets of business that revolve around marketing, finances, recruitment, and management. None of these would be worth much at all without the essential element that is the customer. Whether your business caters to other businesses, to trade, or to the public, it relies on a customer to generate income. That is why the most important part of any business plan should be its approach to its customers. From how they learn about your business to how they interact with it and ultimately exchange money with it is all a process that requires careful thought and planning for each step along the way. Here are some helpful tips to improve the satisfaction of your customers and keep them coming back.

Make it Easy

If a store is up a steep hill or has a heavy, stiff door, it creates an opportunity for friction that interrupts the smoothness of the customer’s journey to your business. This applies both to physical life and the digital world, where online experiences need to be as slick as possible in order to maintain the flow of the interaction between customer and business. In this day and age, you must have quality web design to ensure that the experience your customers have with your business’ website is smooth and easy to use. A great business with a quality product can be hugely off-putting to a customer when the website redirects incorrectly or creates too many layers of action between viewing and purchasing. When shopping, nobody likes to put in more effort than is needed. If your business offers better web design than its competitors, then you will find your target market prefers you simply because there is less difficulty involved.

Demonstrate Honesty

It’s commonly agreed that when you are honest, you do not need to remember what you’ve said. For the sake of record-keeping alone, this is a huge part of acquiring ongoing customer satisfaction. Every interaction should be straightforward and open with no deceit. Otherwise, the customer will likely discourage others from engaging with your business as well. Positivity breeds positivity, as cliché as it might sound, because your customers will be more willing to return to you when they feel well-treated and know they can trust you. Get-rich-quick schemes are often short-lived bursts of poor business that rely on a single instance of misplaced trust that does not require return patronage. For a real business to succeed, it must be honest.

Show Humanity

Faceless corporations are difficult to engage with on a personal level. Their sheer size allows them to see fluctuations in their customer numbers as they usually remain level over the course of years. However, for a small business that relies on local people or a loyal consumer base, it is vital to show humanity behind the business. It is far more difficult to part with a friend than it is to stop using the services of a particular corporate monolith. By connecting on a personal, perhaps even casual level, you increase your chances of building a stronger rapport with more satisfied customers.