Various ways to use timber crates apart from storage


lambert Krone, Negosentro | Timber crates have been in use for ages. There are so many packaging options available out there, timber crates are still one of the most preferred ones. There are numerous reasons for this. One of those being affordability. These self-supporting structures are light in weight and prove to be the best for guarding fragile items.

Some added benefits are:


  • High durability and strength: When compared to cardboard and plastic, timber crates can withstand heavier weights and prevents any of the packaging from breaking or collapsing. A durable container is what you need to keep your items safe. Wooden boxes also withstand the elements a lot better.
  • Efficient stacking: Storage is a lot neater when you have several crates stacked over one another. There is always room for more with crates. Above all, the crates are long lasting and can serve as permanent storage units.
  • Flexible availability of sizes: Whether it is a large gigantic object or a small bracelet sized object, you have a timber crate of that size available for it. These crates are available in all sizes without any compromise in the strength.
  • Higher weight bearing capabilities: when you have heavy items to transport, cardboard and plastic is never as resilient tear and breakage. Timber is strong and durable enough to bear high weights without buckling in. This way, transporting heavy items becomes easier with timber crates.
  • Affordable: Out of all the sturdy packaging options available, timber crates are the most affordable. Cardboard and plastic are cheaper, but they do not offer the needed protection to the item. So, when one needs to safely transport items, timber crates are a good choice as it is always within your budget.
  • Reusable and recyclable: Timber crates can once be used to transport one item and then the same can be used for some other item as well. This is an advantage available only in the case of wooden crates. Also, timber crates can be broken down and rebuilt, repaired, or even remodelled as required. After the crates are damaged beyond repair, they can still be recycled.


Apart from storage, these timber crates can be used for lot many other purposes. You can use crates to artistically make the house look neatly stacked with minimal furniture. There is a plethora of ideas on how to use timber crates creatively. Here is a list of some of those.

  • A bookcase: If you have several crates lying around in your yard, you can stack them haphazardly over one another and glue them in place to get a fancy bookcase with shelves. You can paint the whole structure as you want.
  • A kitchen spice rack: A split timber crate would work best as a kitchen rack to stock your spices. All you need is strong nails that can hold the crate against the wall.
  • A perfect bedside table: When you are at your wits end in picking the most suitable bedside table that is at a perfect height relative to your bed, a timber crate is a good choice. You can stack one crate above another and cut out the extra part if it feels too high.
  • Make a moving storage box: You can attach wheels to the crate and treat it as a movable storage boxes. For example, when you have a kid, you can store all his or her toys in this wheelie timber crate so that the kid can move it easily wherever the play location is.

Timber crates are functional and easy to handle. That is why they not only serve as good storage and transport containers, but also can be customized and transformed into aesthetically pleasing home decor pieces of furniture.

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