Few Useful Tips for Installing Aluminium Shutters for Windows

Aluminium Shutters

Carrie Just, Negosentro |  If you live in a place that is prone to strong winds, tropical storms and hurricanes, then protection of your family and home becomes your prime concern. In such a case, making use of aluminium shutters can be of great help. When strong wind blows, the chances of glass windows getting damaged because of dust increases significantly. Aluminium shutters and storm panels offer the homeowners efficient and cost-effective methods of covering the doors or windows.

There are a few important steps of installing aluminium shutters. But before that, you need to know the reason why aluminium shutters are used. These are easy to install and can be removed and stored according to the needs of the user.

Besides, such shutters are lightweight and strong. If installed properly, they can withstand high pressure. Apart from aluminium, there are steel shutters. The following helps to understand the tips of installing aluminium shutters for windows.

Shutters Mounting Systems


There are popular systems of mounting the aluminium shutters. The track system comprises of two metal tracks. The shutters fit within the tracks; they are secured by nuts and bolts. Apart from the track system, you can go for the direct-mount system which does not have any tracks. Such systems simply bolt the shutters to the wall of a house.

In the direct mount, place the shutters over the window and then thread screws to do the inserts. The accordion shutters are mounted permanently to the house. When storms or tempests appear to pull the shutters, close and latch them or else push the shutters back. When compared to aluminium shutters, the accordion is quite expensive.

Steps of Installing the Aluminium Shutters

Such shutters can be installed on a DIY basis. It does not require professional hands, unlike the accordion shutters. Start with installing the H track (also header track), next install the bottom track. The bottom track has threaded bolts and they protrude from the track surface.

Both the H track and the bottom track needs to be securely fastened to house using stainless steel screws/bolts. Consult the shutter manufacturer to understand the instructions for installation. When installing aluminium shutters for windows, wear leather gloves as the shutters have sharp edges and may cause injury in case the user gets hurt.

  • Hold the header track horizontally (above the window).
  • Insert a screw near the header centre, level the header and then drive in the rest of the screws.
  • Use a bead of silicone caulk (along with the header top) to seal out the rain.
  • Slip a hurricane shutter inside the header; press it tight against the wall.
  • Do the measurements to draw a level line (onto the wall). Place the tracks properly so that the shutters can slide into the track.
  • If both the tracks are installed properly then the shutters can be slide in.

The Cost of Hurricane Shutters

By now, it is true that you are quite curious to find out how much aluminium hurricane shutters cost. Prices depend on the size of the shutter, but they also vary from one region of the country to another. In this context, it is relevant to say that the cost varies based on the shutter size. It also varies from one region to another. Detail about the cost of aluminium shutters is often available online.

Since hurricane shutters are installed on a DIY basis, professionals are not required and therefore all you need is a little practice for installing the hurricane shutters. If a storm occurs then you can quickly install such shutters to avoid the adverse effects of the storm. Place the shutters in an easily accessible region of your house. Ensure that the hurricane shutters can be accessed. Promptly draw the shutters when storms appear.