Unique Natural Destinations in Ukraine

Dniester Canyon
Dniester Canyon in Ukraine. (Photo: ua-travel.info)

Cindy Del Rio, Negosentro.com | Ukraine can boast of numerous unique places that were not created by the man, but by the nature. Some of the attractions of this country can be reviewed at destinations.com.ua. These unique places impress with their beauty and dimensions. Many historians still attempt to solve the legends and mysteries that shroud these places. The unique destinations are the perfect idea for a vacation in Ukraine, because here one can replenish its energy in the wild of nature.

Oleshky Desert

In the eastern part of Kherson region there are 200 hectares of the hot sandy sea hiding many secrets at the bottom. These sands are the result of pasturing huge herds of sheep in the 19th century. Sheep abolished all grass in this area, and the sands were expanded by wind erosion.

Nowadays, the Oleshky Desert is one of the largest sand massifs in Europe. It consists of seven arenas that fluctuate up to 20 meters. Besides, at a depth of 300-400 meters below the sands, there is a fresh underground lake. In the very middle of the desert, you can find a real oasis.

Since 2010, the territory of Oleshky Desert has been recognized as the National natural park. The entire territory is fenced with artificial forests.

Dniester Canyon

This canyon is the largest canyon in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. Dniester Canyon was formed as a result of illuviation of rocks of Podolsk Height by Dniester River. This place represents a valley with cliffed coasts reaching 100 to 250 meters’ height over the water. On the territory of Dniester Canyon, there are around 100 monuments of live and inanimate nature of world value.

Optymistychna Cave

This destination is the longest plaster cave in the world. Optymistychna Cave is located in Ternopil Region. The cave was formed as a result of dissolution of plasters by underground waters nearly 14 million years ago. The biggest treasure of the cave is the secondary mineral deposits mostly represented by plaster crystals of a various form and color.

At the bottom of the cave, there are the deposits of transparent needle crystals of plaster that are called “cave snow” by the tourists. In the lowest areas of Optymistychna Cave, one can encounter the underground lakes that remind mirrors made of water. The air temperature in the cave is constant around 10℃ and does not depend on the outside air temperature.

Urych Rocks

Urych Rocks are the landmark of nature and archeology of national value. This ridge of rocks has no analogues in Europe. In the middle of the forest, the majestic steep rocks ascend. The height of the rocks reaches 50 meters.

This destination impresses with the unique rock engravings, the meaning of which is still unknown. The most interesting and impressive engraving depicts the two-meter image of a human face. Every year, on the territory of Urych Rocks the fest of the Ukrainian medieval culture “Tu Stan” is held. If you are a devotee of medieval culture, you are welcomed to this destination.

These places are unique and not widely famous even among the native Ukrainians. So, you have a chance to visit them before they gain world popularity.