Understanding True Prosperity with Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga
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Experiencing true prosperity through the practice of Kriya Yoga.

 What is prosperity? 

When we hear the word prosperity, we all inherently begin to think about different things. That’s because in general, the word “prosperity” means to live in a state of flourishing, and thriving.

In our unique and individualized minds, what we consider to be a flourishing or thriving life will not be the same as the person sitting next to us. Our lives have taught us to value different things, and to see worthiness in different aspects of life.

To prosper for one man, might mean to have all the money he could ever want, and a house in the nicest neighborhood. For another person, prosperity could be to simply have a safe place to sleep, good health, and happiness.

Regardless of what we think prosperity should mean, true prosperity allows us to feel joy and inspiration, and it allows us to share it with others.

True Abundance

No matter what kind of abundance you are seeking, it can only be accessed when our minds are free from our inherent doubts and fears. These problems cloud us from seeing things clearly. 

The divine Self can see everything in crystal clear vision; however, our conscious minds stop the true self from providing us with the answers.

Clearing the Mind

In order to clear our minds and hearts, we must refer to the four great aims, as laid down by The Vedas. The four aims are as follows:

  • Dharma: live with a higher purpose, and fulfill our divine destiny
  • Artha: wealth; to prosper and succeed
  • Kama: to enjoy life
  • Moksha: realizing the ultimate freedom

While we often seek out peace and prosperity in the world around us, the only way to discover what prosperity is to realize that all of the things we need lie within us. These four aims are embedded within our bodies and minds, and they make up our true Self.

To create a prosperous life, one must first dedicate their life to dharma. By living with intention and having a higher purpose, dharma will provide the support needed to put us on the road to our best selves.

Applying Dharma to Everyday Life

The principles and practice of Dharma can be done each and every single day. Doing so opens your mind up to the idea that we are all one power and one presence, and that we are all connected.

Practicing dharma gives us an appreciation for the bigger picture, and works on the understanding that when one of us prospers, we all prosper. As a result, what we want for ourselves, instead becomes what we want for all of mankind.

There is a good force in the universe, and it is constantly seeking to help us prosper in this life. When we can learn to cooperate with it, and understand it’s optimistic powers, we can work together to bring fullness to everyone around us.

Prosperity is not something to keep, it is something to share. The universe is impregnated with prosperity, and if we are open to its potential for all people, then it can be splendored upon.

Individuals who seek peace and prosperity must remember that prosperity is endless if we maintain our relationship with the Infinite.

Kriya Yoga

With the practice of Kriya Yoga, we become awakened to the world around us and begin to recognize our intentions. Through a number of Kriya Yoga systems, we can begin to become aware of our true Self, and what our higher purpose in life really is.

With this higher purpose in mind, it is possible for us to manifest what we need, and to enjoy a prosperous life.

Kriya Yoga for Prosperity Meditation

Yoga pose to welcome and embrace prosperity:

  • Sit in Easy Pose, keeping the spine straight.
  • Focus on the tip of your nose, with your eyes slightly open.
  • Take a deep breath in, and recite: “I am bountiful, I am blissful, I am beautiful.”
  • Release the breath, and bring in another while you recite: “Excel, excel, fearless.”

Take a journey with Ellen Grace O’Brian, to find the answers you seek. These answers will help you to manifest your destiny and experience everlasting prosperity.

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