Understanding the Life Insurance Claim Process


Terry Gordo, Negosentro |  Life insurance claims are good to understand no matter whether you’re a beneficiary of someone else’s policy or you’ve bought life insurance to protect your own family. Life insurance payouts are not automatic. If beneficiaries don’t understand the process to initiate a claim, they may not receive their benefits at all. For the most part, the process simply involves contacting the insurer, completing a claim form, and producing a death certificate, but you should know about some nuances.

Many people are intimidated by the process because they are inexperienced with insurance matters, but a little knowledge can help empower people to file their claims in a timely manner. For example, a recent survey by Health IQ revealed that only about one-third (approximately 35 percent) of people surveyed understood some factors that can delay claims.

Learn more about life insurance by delving into some in-depth FAQs on the Health IQ website. You’ll learn what you’ll need to know about buying life insurance, including how to choose the correct policy and the right amount of coverage for your family. Health IQ is a life insurance agency that offers some distinctive advantages, including special rates for people who take good care of their health. These special rates are similar to the ones auto insurance companies offer to good drivers — rates that could save you money if you’re a health-conscious person. Think you know about the ins and outs of claims? Test your knowledge of the claims process by taking a quiz from Health IQ.