Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Trip to Singapore

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There’s no other place in the world like this! While many places wish to hold this title, Singapore truly deserves it! It’s one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia because it’s fun, vibrant, diverse, tourist-friendly and impeccably organized and safe. It’s probably the easiest place to travel, even if you’re a beginner solo traveler. The city is expensive, but it’s also safe, clean and rich in fun things to do. So, if you want to give this tiny yet wonderful country a try, here’s how to plan a perfect trip to Singapore.

When to go?

There’s really no bad time to travel to Singapore. The weather is pretty consistent all year round with average temperatures of 27°C. However, it often feels a lot hotter because the humidity is high, so prepare to get pretty sweaty on your trip. It also rains quite often and it’s basically impossible to avoid rain, so bring that umbrella!  

When it comes to accommodation, there’s no downtime for hotels in Singapore and prices tend to stay the same throughout the year. However, there are some peak times like November through January and June through July. These periods are speckled with holidays (Chinese New Year), shopping events, festivals and other happenings, so you might want to avoid traveling then if you want to avoid crowds.

How to budget?

While it is much more expensive than the rest of South East Asia, there are ways you can save in Singapore. Keep in mind that alcohol is very expensive, so you might want to leave partying for when you get back home. Those who travel on a cheap budget can expect to spend anywhere from $45 to 60USD per day which will allow you to eat at hawker stalls, stay in hostels and take public transport.

Where to stay?

Singapore really has all the accommodation options you can imagine, from most luxurious hotels to cheap hostels, so there’s something for everyone. The neighborhoods are very well connected, so wherever you end up, you’ll be able to get around easily. If you don’t have to worry about your budget too much, you can check out the prices at the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel (they often offer deals on basic rooms). But, if traveling on a tight budget, hostels in Chinatown and Little India go around $60 for a two-person bed.

What to eat?

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Singapore! Both those who get to splurge and those who are on a budget will definitely manage to fill their tummies in this South East Asian country. The fact that there is a variety of different cuisines present is often the most attractive to travelers. If you dig enough, you can find amazing dining offers in Singapore and have a lux dining experience in some of the most exclusive hotels in the city. From burgers and sea food platters to extra-long happy hours, you’ll find literally everything. However, if you really want to stay on budget, you can always grab something at one of the hawker stalls in Little India and Chinatown. Make sure to try their chili crabs, dumplings and, if you’re brave enough, durian!

What to see?

There’s really so much to do in Singapore. The city is full of cool buildings, beautiful temples and fun museums. But, make sure to visit Singapore Botanic Gardens, especially their Orchid Garden with many photo-ops. Gardens by the Bay are another must-see, but make sure to visit during the night when the “trees” light up and create a gorgeous light show. Marina Bay is always a place to be with many shops, bars and restaurants. Make sure to walk across the Helix Bridge and visit the ArtScience Museum. If you love to spend some time in nature but still stay in the city, take one afternoon off and head to Mount Faber Park to catch some cool views of Singapore.  All of these places will be a real treat for your Instagram, so expect your profile to blow up!

How to get around?

This is probably the easiest thing on this list. While Singapore is a big city, you can still see plenty of amazing things on foot. However, with all the heat and humidity, public transit might be your safest option since all the buses and Mass Rapid Transit rides are air-conditioned and super comfy. Honestly, there’s no reason to use anything other than public transport: It’s reliable and affordable! You can catch the MRT from the airport for as low as $3. There are also tourist passes for 1-3 days that give you unlimited use of transit, so if you plan to get around much, these are amazing deals you shouldn’t skip.

Rarely will you have the chance to visit a city this organized yet this fun! So, don’t miss the chance to see this amazing destination and you’ll instantly fall in love. Singapore is South East Asia’s little gem that should definitely be explored.

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