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Negosentro.com | Types of Students in a Classroom – Learn about this | Classrooms, for a lot of people, are essentially a collection of memories that puts a smile on the face. There are a lot of things that school teaches everyone, apart from the textbook knowledge. The mischief in class, stories from teachers, sports sessions, exams, everything is a lesson in itself. We have all come across different types of students in the class and each kid is different, unique, and special in their own way. This is a compilation of the common types of students seen in a classroom set up. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the types of students in a classroom:


  • The All-Rounder


Every class has an all-rounder. The one who is good at everything from studies to communication to extracurricular activities. The one who takes part in all the classroom activities and manages to handle all at once which makes the other students wonder how he/ she is doing this and adores it. These are students that other students look up to. Teachers, while encouraging other students to be more like the all-rounder, should also re-emphasize that regardless of everything, all students are special.


  • The Hyper-Active One


There is that one student who is always on his/ her toes. They have questions, they raise their hand for doubts right when the class is about to end, they are loud and whatnot. Regardless, the class feels lifeless when they are not present and you miss them.


  • The Hardworker


This student puts in all the effort, they work tirelessly and perform well in class. Their hard work is reflected in their performance and everybody knows that the student is working for it. Every class has a student that goes that extra mile when it comes to assignments, projects, and exams. They always give their 101%!


  • The artist


There’s an artist in every classroom, the one who draws breathtaking portraits and pictures, the one that makes you wonder how pretty colors are and the one who enacts beautifully. Artists are of different types and there’s at least one of them in every class.


  • The techie!


There’s a tech genius in most of the classrooms. The one who knows their way around computers and any other device for that matter. The one who is informed about the happenings of the tech world. Be it Edtech or any space for the matter. They talk about blogs and how digital transformation is on the way and may even have predicted the heavy reliance on technology for teaching such as online teaching apps and virtual classrooms.


  • The Sleepy Head


All of us know at least one person who sleeps through the entire class without getting caught and if they do wake up for a class, they have no idea about what is going on around them. The sleeper!


  • The leader


This student has an innate ability to lead. They are a natural leader and it comes with ease. Be it the college fest or the annual picnic, you know they will deal with it the right way. They are the ones to talk to all the teachers and find a way around things. The natural leader is a boon to the class.


  • The Dreamer


If you ask whether they are present in the class, the answer would be yes but are they listening? No! Do they have any idea what’s going on in the class? No! Do they even know that the teacher is in the class, absolutely No!. The daydreamer has zero clues about what is happening around them. But not to be ignored, the dreamers are usually the ones who are creative and bright. 


  • The excuse God


These students come up with an array of excuses and you wonder how they get so creative. They are the God of excuses and can come out of any difficult situation with their ability to cook up perfect stories.


  • The latecomer


Every class has a latecomer who walks into class after the lesson has begun. More often than not, this person lives right next to the school or college. The irony! And these students are also good with excuses and by hook or by crook, manages to get attendance.

We have looked at ten different types of students that all of us have come across at least once. Some students are an intermix of two or more types and some are just one. Regardless of which category the students fall into, each kid is special and has the potential to grow and develop into a fine personality. These different kinds of students build the classroom and add life to it.

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