Types of Expressive Wall Art Décor and Its Importance


Kelly Keller, NegosentroWhile taking a new home or renovating an existing one, people try to change the appearance of the place. They try to showcase their personality and interests through those changes. While not much can be done with the furniture and actual structure of the house, people tend to express their interests and thoughts via expressive wall art décor. Walls are not just a division between two rooms or an open space for air and light to enter rather, it is much more than that. Walls can be made interesting and expressive with the help of colours, designs, and textures.

Expressive wall art décor helps in displaying one’s taste and character and gives strong and powerful vibes to friends and visitors. However, any form of wall art décor can be noticed as an expressive one, if they are showcased with proper lightings and arrangements. Even contrasting textures and colours of the wall with the paintings can make the expressive wall art décor more vibrant and eye-catching. Such tips and tricks can help in deciding the perfect type and form of wall art for someone’s interior.

There are various types and options to choose from when it comes to portraying your emotions through art. The following are some categories one can consider before deciding the suitable expressive wall art décor for their house or apartment:

  • Great Painters: If someone’s interest and passion lies in the greatness and glory of the past, then they can definitely consider purchasing expressive wall art décor and paintings of great painters and artists such as Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh and many others who have written their name in the history with their artworks and paintings. Such timeless masters of art are a brilliant idea to give one’s home an artistic appeal. Such remarkable masterpieces and wall art could light up living rooms or give an elegant appearance to one’s personal library.
  • Contemporary Wall Art: This type of expressive wall art décor is suitable for households, which have a more modern look of their home. Contemporary paintings have a wide range, beginning from small abstracts to showcasing different lifestyles of individuals or cities. Such paintings generally depict different emotions and feelings like love and happiness in the form of art. The way of expression can vary in the form of colours like contemporary black and white paintings or monochrome paintings, which give a contrasting edge to the living or bedroom, while some paintings burst into colours in different shapes and sizes, giving an aesthetically pleasing view to the room.
  • Vintage Wall Art: For people who call themselves ‘old-school’, this is the appropriate type of expressive wall art décor to choose from. One can have pictures and paintings of vintage cars, flags, drinks, and lifestyle and recall the good old days with a smile on their face. Such expressive art pieces give an abstract look to the house and depict a lot about the personality of people living in it. One can brighten up their kitchen or leisure room with such nostalgic wall art décor.
  • Wall Photography: Expressive wall art décor does not only mean paintings or art pieces alone, it can mean artistic and aesthetic pictures and photographs, which can add on to the interior of the house. One can choose photographs of nature or cool, intimidating pictures and get it framed or printed in landscape canvas. Such photographs can instantly match hallways or office areas of the house or apartment. One can also get the photographs, which have matching colours or hues with their furniture, and give their home a completely new look.