How to Turn Your Blog into an Earning Affiliate Business

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Blogging usually starts as a hobby or writing about your passion and not without the intention of gaining a profit. Making money online through freelancing and affiliate is not easy at first because you need to establish a certain degree of reputation among your audiences.

But once you nailed it, the potential for earning money is endless.

Here’s how to earn from your blog:


Before you’ll be able to earn affiliate business, you have to learn how to make a blog. You have to actually start blogging. Think about your hobbies, the places you love to go, things you love to do and make an article about it.

affiliate-business-blog Start Your Blog Affiliate Business


Next, you have to try guest posting on other people’s blogs. Review the works of other bloggers and try contacting them if you can guest post on their blogs.

Make sure you attach a link back to your website. Having an article fitted with their article increases your chance of being accepted as a guest post writer.


If you are not yet making money directly from your blog, you can try freelancing depending on your area of expertise. You can try freelance writing, ghostwriting, graphic designs, website designs and more! Try websites such as:


Before you can earn from affiliate business, it is very crucial for you to establish a connection with bloggers within your interest and expertise. You’ve got to get into the mind of an expert. Try communicating through email or other social media platforms.

Make an effort to introduce yourself to expert bloggers.  Read and learn from their blogs and make a comment on how their blogs have personally helped you.


Once you have an established reputation and a pool of audience, you can start internet advertising. This is where a company will pay you a fixed fee to have their banner ad or text plug posted on your website.

You have to consider that the type of audience that you have will fit with your client’s target market. This technique can help you attract more clients and a higher reputation as well.


Once you understand and earned on your internet advertising, you can also try joining existing affiliate programs that can generate income for every successful click or sale that you generate on their websites.


Another way to earn from your blog is through joining a traditional affiliate marketing programs. The publishers will get paid according to results. You can try Lazada, Zalora, Amazon, and other companies.

So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to turn your passion into an income-generating machine. So start blogging and start earning now!

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