Tricks and Tips to Help you promote your Product on Amazon


by Letoya Jones, |

Before launching your product on Amazon, there are some important things that you must be conversant with. For starters, keyword research is the most important step in the entire process. Therefore, it is paramount that you invest your time in assessing the strongest keywords in your niche. It is the keywords that will maximize your profits and improve your ranking on search engine results pages.

Truth be told, no one wants to go online and waste time reading super long and heavy keywords stuffed in boring and mind numbing content, right? This is natural for almost everyone. Long sentences are tedious and because a great majority of people rarely take time to go through the content word by word, it is wiser that you keep them short and straight to the point, carefully distributing the keywords in the article body.

In the competitive world of ecommerce or online marketing, Amazon is one of the largest search engines. In fact, a bigger percentage of all product searches start on Amazon as it is the home of over a million products. And because Amazon has been your product promoter for ages, its users are very purchase-focused. They know what they want and how they can get what they want with maximum speed efficacy.

The tips

1) If you are stuck and have no ideas what words or phrases should be on your keyword list, you have reliable tools that you can rely on. Ever heard of keyword inspector for Amazon? A keyword inspector is a tool to help you get rid of duplicated keywords and return back a list of unique words that could be used by Amazon users. With this tool, you will have an added advantage compared to your competitors and this could be your avenue to improving your search engine ranking.

2) Amazon shoppers are very determined shoppers. Therefore, as the product seller, it is up to you to make your product appear at the top whenever these shoppers search the internet. This is where the keywords come into play. Your possible buyers will have a phrase that is related to your product, and that phrase is what they will use to search the web. As the seller, you should have some ideas of the most likely phrases that shoppers could use in search of your product. Use those phrase(s) as your keyword(s).

3) Ranking highly on Amazon should be your desire. Some of the factors that will contribute to your ranking include but are not limited to; number of reviews, the review scores, the size of previous sales, the traffic to your product page and the product relevance. With this, you are the person in total control for your listings and ranking; the higher the ranking the more the sales.

Basically, with Amazon, it is easier to find a place that offers the best chances for you to make money. Amazon is that place for you. All you need to do is give all the necessary information so that your potential buyers won’t be pushed to looking for other sellers.


Letoya Jones is a SEO analyst and web content developer. To learn more about keyword inspector for Amazon, visit her website here.

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