Increasing Brand Awareness with Traditional Marketing

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    Negosentro|Most marketing agencies these days focus only on providing digital marketing services to their users but there is something to be said about traditional marketing, especially when it comes to brand awareness. So yes, you need your blog with great content and a strong social media presence, but you also need to ensure you invest into some more traditional tactics that will have a positive effect on your brand and its recognizability.

    Don’t overlook promotional products

    Promotional products serve two purposes, one is a clear marketing one, so increasing brand awareness. If our company’s name is on high-quality promotional products that people use in their daily activities it is something that they will definitely remember. They will unconsciously read it on the pens, notebooks, hats and so on, so in a way it is a perfect way to get your brand name out there. However, promotional products serve another important purpose, they can help you show appreciation to your customers as you include them in your goodie bags. Everyone likes to get a gift, no matter how small, so if you add some promotional products perfectly packed in a promotional bag you will not only make your customers happy but also make them feel appreciated. The best part being that as far as marketing costs go this is very low on the ladder.

    Billboards are always in

    This might sound as a low-level marketing option, but in fact it can be very efficient, especially if placed in the right spot. It is important that billboards are not there to serve as a way of persuading customers to do something, their actual purpose is to inform potential customers of your existence, as the average person views a billboard for about 4 seconds. However, it serves the function of enabling potential consumers to easily recall your brand name as they need a particular product, it is as simple as that. Now, for a billboard to be as efficient as possible it needs to be large and posted near a very frequented road. As you are not able to do precise market targeting of specific customer groups the idea is to have it seen by as many people as possible every single day. 

    The old-fashioned business cards

    With everything going digital you might think, why do I need a business card, well the answer is quite simple – it helps make your brand more human. If people get to meet you, talk to you, they will remember it, and as you give them your business card they will associate your brand with you which might help them trust your brand more and at the same time help you promote it better. Business cards will never go out of fashion as an essential traditional marketing tool. So just make sure you invest in quality ones that will withstand the wear and tear of a regular wallet. 

    Telemarketing is still king

    No matter how annoying some people might find it, it is important not to overlook telemarketing as a valid option. Especially if you consider that telemarketing is almost a $500 billion a year business that keeps growing. Now it is something your company can outsource, but you sill need to keep an eye on it. If done correctly it can bring your company a lot of new customers and significantly raise the overall brand awareness, but if you overdo it, you might end up alienating a lot of potential and current customers. So, while this is a valid marketing option to consider, you need to be careful who you outsource it to and monitor its efficiency carefully. 

    These are just some of the ways you can increase your business brand awareness through traditional marketing options. There are of course many more out there. This is why before you start investing it is imperative that you do detailed market research so as to test what your customers might be interested in and what can work with each interest group. This does not mean that you can overlook digital marketing, this is something no business can afford in this day and age, but you can supplement the whole strategy with quality traditional marketing channels. If no one knows who you are you might as well not exist in the business world, this is why building brand awareness is at the top of the list of any serious company that wants to make it in today’s competitive market.

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