Top Skills You Must Have as an iPhone App Developer


Pratik Kanada, Negosentro | About 2.2 million iPhone apps with every new 1000 apps adding to the Apple store. This is the data of 2017. By this data, you can easily know the importance and need of iPhone apps in the current time. Usage and value of iPhone are upsurged with the iPhone apps catering the needs of both business and users altogether. Advancements in the tools and technologies keep on coming with iPhone apps which makes this field even more interesting and always in trend. So, being in the heed of developers, you think you have a bright and shining future, you are not entirely right. Yes, you heard it right, you are entirely right.

Have you studied economics in school? If yes, then you might be aware of the demand and supply theory. If not, I am here to help you out. The theory of demand works this, if the demand is high, supply is also going to be high giving birth to the competition. Competition always brings a flair of benefits to the users but when it comes to the vendor side, the question of survival arises. There is no place for average when it comes to the developers, only best can survive. If you are still a trainee and indulged in live project training then, you must be floundered by now by hearing all this. Don’t worry buddy, you have a bright future just like you imagined. With all those pessimistic discussions above, is how the question boggling your mind? If I have shown the problem, I will also guide you through the solution.

The way out to a bright career as an iPhone developer is to take proper training, gain the required skills set and expertise in the field. Well, IT field is ever evolving and staying in trend and open to learning intuitive things should also be one the qualities you should develop to be a good iPhone developer. So, let’s dive in deep to explore what skill set an iPhone app developer should acquire.

1) So, prime thing a newbie should learn is objective C. Sound knowledge of this programming language is must as this is one of the basic thing needed in developing iPhone apps.

2) Developers indulging in building iPhone apps must have the ultimate knowledge of the Xcode, Apple’s own IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The would-be developer should also have worked with Cocoa touch, UI framework of Apple along with having adequate knowledge of UIKit. Getting to know the latest IOS SDKs is also equally important to build native IOS apps.

3) The developer should also have experience in dealing with APIs and adding third-party libraries. iPhone training Ahmedabad is suggested center where you can accumulate all these knowledge and become a full package of iPhone developer any company would love to hire.

4) A developer can’t miss out on the part of the interface builder skill as it is an inseparable part of Xcode which aids in making the planning of UI quite simple eliminating any need for coding.

5) IOS frameworks, entailing interface and acting as building blocks for apps should also be in the learning checklist of the developer. Cloud kit, core graphics, core data and internet kit are some of the added learning items in the list.

6) Clean coding is a quality of the app developer. This will help them going to back to the same when reference is needed or also reusing them if necessary. Writing notes for reference is also a practice good developer should follow.

7)Developers also need to be precise about the source control. This will aid in tracking different versions used and also alterations made within the code.

8) An iPhone app developer must be in the know of the Apple guidelines to make the app approved in the App store. If guidelines are not properly followed, it will result in app rejection making entire app development efforts go in vain.