Top Microsoft Dynamics 365 challenges creating a havoc

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most used corporate solutions in the world. It seems to have everything perfect for the businesses of the present time.

Starting from the world-class customer support functionalities to the latest marketing and sales programs, it has everything that a company needs.

Therefore, it is known to be one of those all-encompassing solutions which are perfect for a company as a whole.

As in, every department and team of the company can make use of the solution, and can work in sync with each other.

However, when everything seems to be perfect for Dynamics 365, there are a few shortcomings of the software that Microsoft is still trying to tackle.

The cons can be related to either limited functionalities of some of the apps or just non fulfillment of the users’ expectations.

However, we have seen that Microsoft has tried enough to keep the solution as evolved as possible.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is upgraded regularly, based on the changing demands of the users as well as the ever changing corporate scenarios to make sure that the solution beats the competition.

Though, there still are a few areas where the software can be improved. In this article, we will talk about a few of such areas.

Listed below are a few shortcomings of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Issues related to data storage

Though, Dynamics 365 is a cloud computing software and you might not even think about bothering the space to store data.

But, there are a few companies who have faced some issues related to the storage of data. They think that Dynamic 365’s data and file storage is a little restricted.

Specifically, if we talk about the online version of the solution, the space seems to be a little limited.

However, it is true that there are a few options which help the companies to extend both the data and files storage limit.

However, these options are mostly considered as a burden by the businesses as they lead to extra expenses.

If we specifically talk about the small or medium sized firms, they would surely not like these additional expense.

A little expensive

One of the other common weakness of Dynamics 365 is that it is considered a bit heavy on the pocket.

Especially when it comes to adding extra portal sites either for QA, development or even for user acceptance testing, there is a heavy cost involved.

Also, there is a repeated monthly cost which is tough to bare specially by the small enterprises.  

Also, when it comes to making any amendments to the web portal, it comes with additional cost.

You would need to spend some amount of money to add on a specific functionality. Simply, because you will have to find a programmer who masters Dynamics 365.

Listed below are a few more:

  • If you wish to offer the customers a little more portal experiences, then the situation becomes a little complex. As, when it comes to Dynamics 365 Portals, quite intricate and a lot time consuming custom programming is needed.
  • Also, when it comes to integrating the web portal as an active part of your business’s website. You might a few difficulties doing this using Microsoft Dynamics 365. It will not seamlessly integrate. However, you will need a wide range of Frames to accomplish the task.
  • In case, if you want to keep your Microsoft Dynamics 365 services on premise, then in that case, you would not be able to use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals. It is will be just accessible online, in Azure.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is currently leading the market. But, there are a few weaknesses, which may not be very strong but the company should look at turning them into strengths.