Top Link Building Tips for SEO Success

link-building | Despite what some people believe neither SEO nor link building is dead. They are both very much alive and kicking. SEO seems dead to only those people who have not been successful in adapting to the dynamic and constantly changing rules and increased needs for tools, skills, details, and above all, perseverance.

A few years back you could consider buying your ranking position. Well, that phase is long over. Link building is definitely not dead. It has gone to a whole new level and has become more complex and advanced than before. Take a look at some of the smartest link building techniques of 2016, if you are thinking of enhancing your site’s SEO and Google rankings through smart and successful link building.

Start By Offering Alumni or Military Discounts

Look for some local universities in your area. You could be immensely benefitted by offering a discount to these alumni. It would be even better if there is a page on your site dedicated to details about the discounts, it would be great for reaching out to your local alumni and linking to the sites. There is, however, another effective way. You could consider trying out the military discounts. But you would be required to do several follow-ups and for getting the links you are aspiring for. Take professional assistance and advice from a reputed online SEO company for perfect SEO solutions.

Meet-ups & Local Connections

Browse through sites such as for finding out about some active groups which are planning reconnections somewhere in your locality. Obviously, the group should be associated with your kind of business but maybe you could try reaching out to some other local groups and expect to get the best outcomes.

You could get in touch with groups which do not have their own place for meeting. You could offer your place as the proposed venue. This could be really the simplest way of finding local links. You may explore the opportunities of locating any group that is looking for sponsors. You could spend a negligible amount which could be as little as $50 or $100 every month for providing refreshments to everyone at these meetings. Be sure to get several links this way.

Organizing a Community Event

It is best to organize a party and invite everyone in your city. You could emulate your local car dealers in this context. They are forever organizing events for people in the localities they operate in. You could consider organizing theme parties like 4th July cookouts or barbecues or maybe egg hunts during the Easter season for the local children. If your parties are all open to the public, you would surely be gaining local links and even social media mentions.

Goodwill and Relationships

If you are an established business, you must have already created robust relationships with other business within your locality. You must, therefore, consider reaping the fruits of your existing relationships to gain the maximum number of links. You could consider getting in touch with other businesses offering similar products for creating an impressive baseline. As you know the owners of the businesses, it would be really easy for obtaining diverse links.

Use Local Directories

While doing a background check, you could try accessing local directories as they are supposed to be the best sources for citations. You may additionally, use them effectively for link building. You would encounter numerous directories, so it is better to browse the Internet for locating the best directories relevant to your locality and those that suit your requirements.


Real link building is pretty challenging. Remember creative endeavors would always need you to devote time, attention and efforts and link building is no exception. Link building is an effective way of adding value and a brand new dimension to the web, working in coordination with excellent content. But even if you find link building a tough exercise, never resort to black hat techniques. Never think of buying backlinks. Investing in software could prove to be immensely helpful in achieving white hat backlinks. Invest in people who are experts in generating great content. You must concentrate on users and provide people with real value. Build relevant links enriching your users, as well as, the web.

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