Top Five Free Influencer Search Tools for Small to Large Businesses

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NegosentroInfluence marketing is constantly topping the hot business trend now a day, as in-numerous brands and individuals have jumped into it, one for grossing business and others have made it a business, now whenever influence marketing is discussed or opted by an individual or a brand the most prior thing comes to a person’s mind is influence search tool, as no one wants to waste even a single second at something which isn’t producing fruitful results, everyone wants a quick and chick process that could be done at one go and will produce an effective result, un-luckily there’s no  shortcut for such things, either you have to pay a lump sum amount and hire someone to work for your brand to fetch the best influencer and engage with social media or buy a tool that would plate you all your requisite dishes means matters like the top most influencers of all time , graph you the growth and engagement rate of your brand plus draw a stream line between you and your competitor brands, you must be thinking all this stuff in one tool ! , yes these tools are so designed and well equipped with tons of analytical and graphical features that you won’t be required to go anywhere for anything, now the second point penetrating mind is  cost, as said ‘ nothing comes for free, there’s always a hidden price tag behind every free facility ‘, but here am only listing some of the best influencer search tool that won’t cost you a mammoth sum. Yes free tools for you to leverage your business with ease of doing and high end capabilities.

Below am listing top 5 free influencer search tools on social media that would not only save your ample amount of time but would also help you to broaden your mindset to hype your business goals and build large and vehement networks community to endorse your social presence over internet.

Am quite sure you must be already aware of what is influence marketing?

If not , then influence marketing is an online process of business endorsement that is usually done by influencing personality or high end influencers who usually belongs to the same kind of niche on social platforms and have clutched a dandy range of followers up to tens of lakh, and promote brands or individual on their profile to the best returns on investment, in exchange of a cracking amount or gift-in kinds.

Now, what are influencer search tools?

Influencer search tools are superbly designed and well featured tools with amazing user interface and monitoring system, these tools are panoplied with automated tracking and advanced analytical system plus present your growth and engagement rate on graphical representation with your competitors index and never ending features, these tools ease your efforts by automatically listing top rated influence marketers that you can choose at one go and some tools automatically designed emails to send directly to influencing personality inviting for collaboration and brand endorser’s position.

Instantly, who would not love to get these tools for free, here the below listed tools are either free or freemium means, will charge you a very minute amount to avail the extra benefits by subscribing for it’s life time membership program.

  • Tweetdeck

Tweekdeck is a powerful twitter bases tool which provide you a free social media dashboard to help you manage all your tweets and track mention your competition, it can also be used to find popular hashtags and build networks. You can also use tweetdeck to know about the popular personalities by checking on multiple retweets made by people’s over their platform.

  • Alltop

You can use alltop to find out the top most blogs and websites on social media platform, actually the top blogs and websites are rated accordant to people’s preference and search ratio, it can make you aware about some of the top influential blogs and sites over internet and later by your personal analysis you can use these blogs and sites to collaborate with and can promote your brand, idea or product.  

  • Afluencer

It helps you to find awesome influencer and unique business promoters to partner with, it lists influencer on different groups named as A, B, C and so on, These graded groups reflects the top and highest paid influencer in A list , trending macro influencers in B list and below them are in C list. This gives a brief outlook on which type and on which budget you can hire which influencer.

  • Klout

Klout is a score based  media tools that gives everyone a score between 1 to 100, the higher the score equivalently influential would  be the person, on an average the klout score for a mediocre active person over internet is 40, by checking on a person’s klout score you can easily know about how influential he/she could be , moreover personalities holding klout score of 65 and above are considered among the top influencers, further celeb influencers hold much higher klout score up to 90 and above.

  • Buzzsumo

It’s a freemium tool, still you can use it for free but with limited access on it’s features, buzzsumo is excellent at showing the most popular business contents and profiles on social media, it even allows you to search according to your niche and get the most relevant result, it includes influencer outreach section which allows you to find , follow, analyze and sort influencers on socia

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