Top 9 Marketing Trends that will Define 2016

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Marketing activities need to constantly adjust and react to the volatile changes in technology. Digital marketing has ushered in a drastic transformation in recent years and has incited companies to introduce new measures faster than most brands can manage to do.

As a digital marketer, one needs to keep up with ever changing trends? One needs to devise trends that are aligned with market requirements. Brands are trying to make use of usual channels to stay ahead of the competition and here are some of those trends that are now changing the marketing scenario drastically.

The rise of content marketing

Companies who prefer to run an active blog are on track with consistent leads on a monthly basis than those who do not attach much importance to content marketing strategies. There is no way that companies can lean on traditional tactics, considering they have to churn out relevant and inspiring content more and more in the coming months!

Marketing analytics with numbers to make sense of site traffic

With marketers already using multiple analytics tools to track down activity on different digital platforms, the importance of analytics in the field is only going to rise! Companies are bound to spend more in analytics and marketing spend is estimated to rise by 60%, since the market data is crucial in setting up new endeavours or planning new tactics. Companies have geared themselves to utilize the vast information pool by consumers too.

More videos will be used than ever!

The use of videos especially for marketing purposes is growing at a quick pace. They’re the perfect way for envisioning the process flow and how a product works. Videos can be used in multiple ways for optimum results, to address a daily issue visually, to demonstrate an experiment, to focus on brand value and other strategies. Marketers are now focusing on video content more and including them with a smart content strategy. ‘How to’videos are sure to flood the web in the coming times!

New automation includes humanization

According to marketers, it is important to get consumers to interact with content, through smart personalization strategies. Offering personalized content helps in sharing relevant posts that can aid a consumer. Companies are putting in more efforts to humanize their marketing strategy and have now able to boost sales and inspire other prospects to browse content on their websites.

Storytelling imbued with market strategy

One can compare themselves with the entire industry by focusing on relevant content but one needs to ditch the traditional and conventional methods of using content. Storytelling is perfect for nurturing leads, and is becoming one of the most effective ways to communicate the marketing message. Visual and textual storytelling is now used to make an impact with how brands are making an impression on the business.

Micro-targeting is now the big challenge

The internet is overflowing with consumer information but targeting specific audience sizes with targeted advertising tools is becoming difficult. Targeted campaigns are said to be extremely effective than non-targeted campaigns. Retargeted ads entice many people to search for relevant products. Also, businesses are enabling targeting strategies elaborately and effectively!

Online advertisements are expected to skyrocket

Mobile ads are taking up a major chunk of online ad expenditure and expected to rise every year. One can target specific consumer groups and deliver the perfect branding and business messages more effectively.

Location-Based Marketing Technology

Delivering an interactive experience is a top priority to target users at point of engagement. Location-based marketing technology including inexpensive transmitters that are based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology are used near point of sale displays, and merchandising areas.

This technology helps event attendees be part of conferences and sign up and engage in talks. Linkedin integration helps in connecting with attendees and even to send marketing messages including latest news.

RFIDs help tag a unique identifier to wristbands, cards, and apps so that each attendee can be targeted by new and engaging ways. Organizers can interact in personalized ways too. Brands can increase shares by sharing photos and videos across social media with just a single tap on these RFID bands.

Virtual Reality Integration

Virtual reality technology can help marketers to make a huge impact on market engagement. Personalization is key to effective interaction with prospects and with the ability to tell 360-degree stories with gadgets like Oculus Rift, companies can engage like never before.

A virtual experience for prospective customers leads the numbers in sales. Adoption of VR will help in delivering a drastic shift in marketing ideology. It is important to get the companies to jump in the bandwagon soon before it is too late.

Source: Keval Padia

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps. He is a Mobile Game Developer, with acute knowledge of Mobile Game Design and User Experience Design. His vision is to become the best iOS development company, which can transform people’s idea into fully functional application at a very affordable price.

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