Top 9 Korean Actresses Who Didn’t Undergo Plastic Surgery To Look Stunningly Beautiful

Korean Actresses

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-They captured the hearts of the netizens with their undeniable charm in their TV drama roles.

-These beautiful ladies became massively famous due to the beguiling roles they portrayed in several Korean drama TV series.

-Many Korean avid supporters have been mesmerized not only by their acting or singing skills but as well as the innate beauty they exude.

-Their beauty is timeless, elegant, and forever real.

When we watch these Korean actresses, we couldn’t help but wonder what they did to look breathlessly stunning. It is not new to us that some popular celebrities underwent plastic surgery just to look daintily pretty. Korean stars are not exception to this beauty procedure.

In the recent years, Korea has become famous for its “ugly to beauty” transformation due to plastic surgery procedure. Today, plastic surgery is already part of the entertainment industries, and even ordinary individuals opt to several beautification procedures to look alluring.

If you have the money, you can undergo any kind of plastic surgeries.

With the rampant trend of plastic surgery in showbiz, there are still a lot of famous Korean actresses who never underwent a plastic surgery to look beautiful as they are already innately alluring, pretty, and elegant.

With this, we are listing down the top 9 Korean actresses who are naturally beautiful before they even become the hottest stars on TV.


Han Ga-in starred in the Terms of Endearment and Yellow Handkerchief TV series during her early days as a South Korean actress. She also became a sought-after commercial model, and in 2012, her projects were immensely successful, and her period TV drama series, Moon Embracing the Sun top-billed the TV ratings, and her Architecture 101 movie became a top-grossing film.


Jang Na-ra is another South Korean beauty who is a singer and an actress. She’s active in the South Korean entertainment as well as in the Chinese showbiz industry. She is popular for her hit song Sweet Dream, and she made a huge mark in her various TV roles.


She’s famously called as the Nation’s Little Sister, Moon Geun-young tops at the 7th spot as a naturally beautiful Korean actress. She started modeling at the age of ten, and made her acting as a child actress around 1999. In 2000, she top-billed Autumn in My Heart which became a massive hit ,and made a huge comeback in a highly-acclaimed horror movie, A Tale of Two Sisters in 2003.


Song Ji-hyo is another popular and innately beautiful South Korean actress and model, and made her first acting debut in 2003’s Wishing Stairs. Though, her well-known role was in the TV series Princess Hours during 2006. Her rose to stardom internationally is when she became part of the popular variety show Running Man.


Song Hye-kyo is a household name and a familiar face to most people as her delicately pretty face has graced several TV drama series such as Autumn in My Heart, Full House, and the recent one that has become a major hit TV series, Descendants of the Sun.

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