Top 7 Tourist Destinations in USA


by Angel Jessica |

USA is a big place and offers so many attractions for any visitor from around the world. The following are some the top tourist destinations that one cannot afford to miss while at USA.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park2


This Park features an array of wonderful attractions. A tall and thunderous waterfall with rich vegetation underneath is awesome to watch. It is interesting how the water crushes down from the heights of El Captain. Hiking is available here for those who love do a little of sports. It has an expansive valley that will take you sporting months to cover.

Jersey Shore

jersey shore

This shore in New Jersey is just sparkling. It stretches all the way from Cape May to the beautiful Sandy Hook. Although a hurricane caused a lot of damages to this majestic shore in 2013, immense recovery efforts are underway to restore its beauty. Some fun activities like fishing, amusement rides and shopping still offer amazing experiences at this shore.

Kansas City


This city is famed for its 200 fountains which create a cool atmosphere in and around the city. It anchors beautiful entertainment scenes for the jovial African American community. The elegant National WWI Museum is found here. It is undergoing a whopping $5 million renovation in anticipation for the 2014 major war centennial celebration. Kansas City has vibrant neighborhoods like the Arts Districts, Country Club Plaza plus many other local restaurants and bars.

Washington D.C.


Washington D.C. is filled with amazing food, arts and breathtaking nightlife. It hosts contemporary exhibits that are plenty around the city that you can spend time viewing. John F. Kennedy center has really interesting arts to pass time. The tidal basin is available for those who will visit around the end of March or beginning of April.

San Diego

san diego

San Diego sits on the coast making it a prime tourist destination. You can hike along Torrey Pines Reserve. It has suitable sandstone cliffs for the activity. Balboa Park and various museums in the city will excellently spice your day around the city. Visit the San Diego Zoo, this park is the cultural hub of the city and sits on a 1200 acre land.

Sun Valley


This place is most pleasurable in summer, the tourist numbers at that time is low and the costs as well are conveniently reduced. Mountain biking, fly fishing, hiking are some of the adrenaline pumping activities you can get involved with there. The first skiing resort purposely-built in the US is present here. Ride on impressing lifts and view this extensive magic land at great heights and finally fill your stomach at the elegant fast-food joints.

Cumberland Island


This is the most remote and underdeveloped places in the US, it features virgin beaches, wild turkeys, butterflies and windswept dunes. It is the largest Sea Island with regards to continuously exposed land. Most of the land is untouched for several decades except for countable spots where camping activities are done. Greyfield Inn is the only restaurant present in this Island. It is located in the Stafford Beach.

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[Topmost photo: San Diego Skyline]

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