Top 5 stylish and comfortable sofas for your contemporary home

Image: | Top 5 stylish and comfortable sofas for your contemporary home | Living room sofas play a huge rule in any modern home as they happen to be the main décor of all living rooms. It is thus essential to select a contemporary for your sofas because they are going to be the most commonly used furniture in your living area. Along with the design, you must choose the most comfortable sleeper sofas for your living room.

Any individual who comes to visit you will see and use the sofas. When shopping for a modern design sofa, you need to consider your living room’s size to avoid buying oversized or small couches. Now, with so many varieties in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right sofa for your house. Consider the following comfy and stylish sofas when you are contemplating which one to purchase.

Prado Medium Settee

If you love British furniture, this is the best couch to purchase. The sofa comprises of two back cushions and two bolsters. It is a perfect, adaptable sofa designed for modern-day living room for Ligne Roset by Christian Werner. The sofa comes with removable backrests which can be easily moved and placed in any place since they incorporate anti-slip technology. The Prado Medium Settee can be turned over to create a comfy sleeping place.

The 3-Set Brandon Sofa

This well-sized sofa consists of a three-seater sofa and the Divan. The couch is designed with simplicity, and it contains metal feet and contemporary armrests. The couch will be an excellent addition to any modern family home. The Brandon sofa from Ligne Roset has been superbly designed to make it fit in any corner of your house gracefully.

Paipaï Loveseat

Get this beautiful sofa at Aria Shop London. The design of the couch was inspired by a simple gesture where a piece of paper was folded to create a well-closed shape. The Paipaï offers incredible comfort as it combines high-performance foam and high back height. 

Its clean-cut and contemporary shape makes the sofa a piece of modern furniture for any living room. It also incorporates a lumbar cushion that provides unparalleled comfort and support and completes its stylish design. 

Rucola 2.5 Seater Sofa

With comfy, firm cushions, and clean simple lines, this couch has a stylish look perfect to fit the role of the best contemporary wood furniture sofa. The seat is designed with a fixed cover as well as wooden feet available in ash, oak, black painted ash, walnut stained ash, and dark brown stained ash. The sofa is available at in a wide array of colours, fabrics and sizes.

Jenny Chaise longue

If you are operating on a budget, this sofa is the best to buy. Unlike sectional sofas that contain a separate cushion for every space, the Jenny Chaise lounge has a single long cushion that sits at a certain angle from the rest of the seat. This couch will enable you to comfortably lie on it without the cushions’ edges disturbing you.

When selecting the appropriate sofa for your room, you need to consider your taste like colour, design, look, and material. Anything you choose must match your room’s interior design. If you need the best contemporary design furniture shop to help you realize your dream of having fantastic couches, visit Ligne Roset.


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