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Retirement stage is better preplanned in order to get the best of it, whether your employer offers a retirement planning course or not, there are numerous learning management system that could get you started with all the basic information you need to be financially armed for retirement while cutting out the hassles, time restraints and costs of traditional educational options. Here are the top five retirement planning e-learning courses and Best training software to prepare you ahead of retirement phase:

  1. Retirement planning and finance – This covers both lifestyle and finance so things like lifestyle MOT, work in retirement, travel and holidays, leisure, continuing education, health and fitness, relationships, where to live, what you need, what you have, finance MOT, financial decisions and your financial summary are all put into prospective views.
  2. Employee Benefits Orientation– This is a retirement planning course usually administered to new Federal employees in order to help him/her to understand and customize their Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS). It will help them in making timely choices given their federal benefits, it will make them understand better their beneficiary designations, evaluate and choose federal insurance schemes as well as health savings plan. It will also help them to identify goals and savings needed, compare tax-smart savings, make plans to invest for short, intermediate and long term goals and other financial plans.
  3. Financial management and Insurance planning– This course will provide you with a straight-to-the-point guide on basic finance fundamentals which covers budget management and lifetime savings maximization. It will also give you a load of information on business, investments and risk management. Also, it will expose you to all the insurance products that will be highly beneficial on the long run, ways to successfully manage your debts, knowledge, and benefits of tax payment as well as how to manage your monthly to yearly expenses for both short and long term application.
  4. Tax planning and TSP Saving Strategy – in this course you will be offered a step-by-step guide by a certified financial planner on how to identify financial goals. Costs and your expected retirement income, this course will help you follow through a retirement savings plan compatible with your savings and tax-accounts which can be TSP, Roth TSP, IRA, Roth IRA, this will guarantee that you reap all the benefits expected. It will also help you learn both TSP and IRA contribution limits, potential savings growth and withdrawal plans.
  5. Estate planning –this course will give you an insight on the purpose of estate planning, property rights and ownership, the transfer taxation system, estate planning strategies implemented during life and death, it will equally break down all the complexities of mortgaging and prepare you ahead for housing plans post-retirement.

Best 6 Months CD rate in the USFor the above e-learning courses, various platforms offer them; while some of them are software preloaded with these courses some are just platforms that support the creation of these courses with web materials. Online training software for e-learning have the following features and characteristics:

  • 24/7 online availability
  • Customization which includes course creation
  • Deliver on any Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Skills/Certification tracking
  • Self-paced learning
  • Mobile learning (compatible with most PCs and android phones)
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Gamification
  • Video conferencing
  • Social learning/messaging boards
  • Accredited courses
  • certification

 The top five most suitable e-learning platforms for retirement courses are: 

  • Udemy online course platform is highly renowned and offers over 40,000 online courses since its inception in 2010. It boasts features such as videos and presentations, interaction boards and ample reading materials. It offers courses on finance management and retirement planning amongst other courses and 1/3 of its total courses are free.
  • iSpring Learn LMS – this learning management system is a great option for an advanced course with configurable learning structures. It has customizable options that enable you to set deadlines for course completion, this helps your work within a given duration and speed up the training process. It supports the creation and localization of courses as well as live training webinars. It is also SCORM-compliant and offers SSO options and SSL encryption for unbeatable security.
  • Teachlr Organizations – this is a good online training platform which provides features that aid content management and learner evaluation. It supports video conferencing with a modular interface and flexible user management options with over 800 pre-made courses.
  • E-front – This e-learning platform is specifically built for highly scalable features and high configurability that’s why it’s on high demand by mostly corporations with the need to control their training modules, this learning management platform makes it easy for you to create your course by giving access to a large marketplace of available pre-made programs which can help prepare you for your retirement.
  • 360 Training – this platform offer one of the best e-learning courses on real estate education and business skills. It’s been around for as long as 1997initially providing online school courses. Many of its courses have official certification such as the OSHA.
  • Other distinguished learning management software includes: SAPLitmos, Docebo, LearnUpon, Mindflash, Coassemble, SkyPrep, Edmodo, TalentCards, Teachlr Organizations. E-learning courses can also be completed on special websites such as:,,, etc.

The unique benefits of e-learning using these websites are:

  • Learning from qualified SME
  • Exclusive learner attention
  • Comprehensive learner support
  • Distinct adaptive blended learning
  • Free to affordable fees
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