Top 10 Content Marketing Strategies for 2016

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Content marketing is among the best ways for online marketing and for brands to increase visibility.

The best content can rank prominently in search results, even attract shares, likes and comments on social media while making a good name for the business originating the posts. Here are the top content marketing tips of 2016 that will help content marketers of any business.

  1. Personalization is Ubiquitous

With the progress of data analytics in affecting business decisions, insightful marketers are now trying to leverage analytics for implementing successful content marketing campaigns. Companies now study consumer behaviour to utilize effective content marketing techniques and ward off the competition. With personalized content, one can create a marketing boom that will bring lots of attention.

  1. Visuals are here to Stay

As companies are vying for customer attention, infographics, images, and videos will dominate content in a big way and create the most impact. According to recent surveys, most companies have witnessed a drastic rise in content marketing with visuals, and have strived videos and infographics to boost their promoting techniques.

  1. Relevance and Context Matter

Content is never interpreted as the same in different online places or even cultures. Use of targeted keywords differs in varied places, especially while conducting regional campaigns. One might find the same service referred to in other words depending upon your location. Also, if you are devising an email marketing campaign for a product/service, it is important that it is not generic with boring email content. Additionally the term or terms used in the target country is something that needs to be incorporated in the emails.

  1. Customers as Storytellers

A recent study demonstrates storytelling helps narrate a product’s utility and benefit from a customer viewpoint. Brands are now resorting to stories to convey how a product or service could be useful. Adapting the experience and using it to be relatable to the readers is now forming the base of content creation, permitting them to clean up the entire creation and post it.

One might need to convince shareholders to spend money on ads that promote your product through stories. It is important to note that in recent times, several messages are bombarded to an average person and to connect with them, one should use useful stories and relevant narratives.

Storytelling engages prospects and customers and this has proved phenomenal for several brands.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Sites and content are a Must

The use of mobile phones has increased by the day, and hence most content marketing campaigns are now being targeted for smaller screens and working on small attention periods. Content will be read on little screens, with the use of localization and area-based terms making content extremely important. Mobile will be a marketing factor with personal content.

  1. Stay Away from Duplicated Content

It must be one’s utmost priority to not resort to plagiarized content, and there should be a typical content procedure that does not encourage duplication and diverts attention to localization of your pages. This is important if you want your content to attract search engines for a global reach.

  1. Cross-Platform Content Marketing

Dashboard services help posting of content on social media along with other platforms, yet content marketers understand the need of customizing every single post for different platforms based on visitors. From visitor websites to articles, brands will customize efforts for content marketing as per demographics in diverse ways.

  1. Use compelling imagery

Utilize compelling imagery into your blog and share the same through social media marketing so that the visuals boost your results. Use sites that are popular enough with millions of users so that the content is distributed to the intended audience for the right impact.

  1. Updated blogs

Keep your blog updated with dynamic content posts and use higher ranking sites for distribution. The key for content distribution is to find similar blogs and websites where content can be published with links to your own site. Use storytelling tips for updates keep at it to get a dedicated following.

10.Modernize your email marketing approach

Social media is in buzz today but email marketing gives a personalized medium for communication. It will remain one of the few effective ways to reach target audience. Now campaigns have become smarter with mobile optimized email marketing and advanced email marketers now employ various ways to capture business with integrated video, combined social media channel links, smart pop-ups and even use custom design based on user preferences.


The trends that dictate content marketing today will have a huge impact in 2016 but with the advancement in technology, there will be some necessary tweaks in every medium. Businesses should analyse email marketing data and keep running tests to compare the periodic open rates, click through rates and even the resultant conversion rates on a timely basis.

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