Tips to Stand Out In a Job Interview | Tips to Stand Out In a Job Interview | The job market is highly competitive, for every job listed out there online, there will be dozens if not hundreds of applicants. From there the company narrows it down to the most qualified and then begins the interviewing process. Oh yes, the dreaded job interview with the basic interview questions, suddenly we feel like we are a contestant in a contest where we must try to stand out from the rest of the field to be the one who actually wins the job. So, how do you go about making yourself stand out from the field, to be the one chosen, or at the very least get beyond the preliminary phase of interviewing? Here are some time valued tips that could help to achieve this goal.

Dress Appropriately

This is an essential part of preparing for the interview and making a good impression. Always be well-groomed, have hair well combed, and styled. Then dress accordingly to make the right impression. For some job interviews, it is appropriate for women to wear a dress or skirt outfit, and for men to wear a nice suit or shirt and slacks. Usually, this is when applying for an office job or a corporation of some kind. However, when applying in a more casual atmosphere this type of attire may seem a bit over the top. When applying for say fast food or a recycling company, perhaps wearing a nice pair of slacks and blouse is more appropriate for female attire. While men could wear a nice pair of slacks and maybe a more casual shit such as their best athletic fit dress shirt. Keep in mind though whatever is worn always makes an effort to look as if you dressed to impress, some attire is never appropriate because it is way too casual and doesn’t make the right impression such jeans or sweats.

Do Research on the Company

If you aren’t familiar with the place where you are applying, finding out more about it before the interview is a good idea. It would help prepare you to understand what sort of business it is how long they have been in business. Once you have learned about the company take the time to learn more about the position you are applying for. This will not only help you prepare for the interview but be able to jot down some questions you may want to ask. Believe it or not, this can be a make or break time during an interview usually a person is asked if they have any questions of their own. Asking your own questions could help you stand out and make it look as if you are indeed interested in not only the position but in working for that particular organization.

Prepare for the Interview

Most job interviews have some basic questions that are asked. These sorts of basic interview questions can be found online for those who are just starting out in the job market and aren’t too familiar with the interview process. Being able to answer these questions in a friendly and eloquent way can be essential. Sometimes we get nervous and only answer with a few words or one sentence. Try to relax, take your time, and answer to the best of your ability in a complete way to show that you are confident in your ability to do this job. If you want to ask a friend or someone close to you to do a mock scenario where they play the interviewer so you can have a trial run to see how you do.

The thing to remember is that an interview really is a popularity contest. Yes, a person will be judged on their ability but they will also be judged on how they interact as well. The best thing to do is to relax don’t sweat the interview remember, for everyone you do it is a good practice for when you will be the one to finally click with the employer.

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