Tips to Buy Good Quality Cheap Caravans

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If you’re thinking of buying a cheap caravan, you can plan on buying a good quality second hand one or hunt out for deals that are within your budget. Most people tend to opt for second-hand caravans primarily due to their limited budget. There are multiple dealers who provide these caravans, and when you hunt carefully, it is easy to find one which meets up to your requirements.  It makes sense to buy a second-hand or low priced caravan from a reputed dealer as you are provided with warranty, which can save you from uncalled-for expenses down the line.

List out Your Requirements

Before you decide on a specific second-hand caravan, it is better to list out your requirements so that you will be able to find the right cheap caravans. After all, no one wishes to be stuck with a vehicle that is not suitable. Check out different features of the various caravans before you choose a specific one. The cost does matter, but then it does not make sense spending on something which you do not require.

Size of The Caravan

Smaller caravans are usually not as luxurious as the larger ones, and are generally designed for individuals or couples who love to spend time on the road. Larger caravans, though, are ideal for families or those who spend most of their time on the road and who want to enjoy their camping experience to the maximum. You can look forward to the berths being larger, have better washing facilities and well-equipped kitchens in larger caravans. The problem with these is the requirement of a much more powerful and larger tow car. The right size of caravan would be one that does not exceed 85% of the kerb weight of a specific vehicle. You need to be aware that a caravan that is more than 2.3 meters in width requires a commercial vehicle for towing.

Reports and Registration

If you have finalized on a cheap caravan, ensure that you check whether all requisite paperwork is in place at the start. If you’re buying a new caravan on discount, paperwork will usually be in order. However, if you’re opting for a used one, check the vehicle’s paperwork carefully to make sure that everything is in place. Ensure that the transfer is done legally so that you don’t have any trouble later.

Inspection of the Caravan

You need to ensure that you thoroughly inspect the interiors as well as the exteriors of the caravan before you sign the papers, especially if you’ve opted for a used one. This inspection includes:

  • Looking out for scratches, dents or any other marks on the exteriors.
  • The condition of all tires.
  • How smoothly the doors and windows function.
  • Existence of any maintenance work that appears to conceal larger issues.
  • Chassis cracks.
  • The tow-hitch movement.
  • How well the handbrake works.
  • Whether the jockey wheel moves with ease.
  • Whether the electric and gas components in a good condition.

In short, each part of the caravan needs to be checked carefully to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Opting for Mid-Range Model Caravan

A mid-range model caravan will offer you multiple choices. Additionally, the spare parts for these caravans are easily available if you have any issues with them later. You can also get a good resale value with these cheap caravans later down the line.

Protecting Yourself

If you’ve opted to buy your caravan from a private seller, you need to make sure that it has not been stolen. While you don’t need to be blunt about it, politely ask the current owner for proof of ownership and proof of identity. Most caravans have a VID (Vehicle Identification Number). Find this out, apart from other information about the vehicle.

You have the choice of buying cheap caravans from re-sellers and dealers who are licensed. This works out safe in the long run as you are provided with the right registration papers you are protected with warranties.

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