Three Tips to Re-energize the Weary Blogger

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Robert Conrad, Negosentro |  You’ve been sitting at the computer for two hours, putting off the task you dread: writing a new blog post.

But don’t dismay.
It’s time to recharge!
With these three steps, you can replenish your energy and start blogging with renewed enthusiasm and vigor.
1. Start With a Plan
Every successful blog maintains an internal order across posts, times, and subjects. Some go so far as to create their own “stylebook” as an aid.
Even if you don’t go that far, jot down some basic principles you want to follow in every post you write. These markers should provide a basic skeleton for your posts.
This simplifies the process of title creation. So you can apply your skills to the post itself.
Other good planning pieces include:
Set a normal length for your posts – 2,100 words is considered ideal for reader interest. If shorter or longer posts are better suited to your blog, that’s fine – but pick the length up front rather than wandering off on a subject without a goal.
Break your post length into subsections with their own lengths and subheads. Consistency here makes for easier topic research, simpler writing, and more readable posts.
Set a graphics per words standard. For example, experts suggest one image for every 350 words you write.
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So, by planning out the framework of your posts, you remove much of the pressure of “how” and can focus your creativity on writing.
2. Know Your Audience
As you seek to rejuvenate your blogging muscles, you should ask yourself a few questions about your audience.
Who would you like to read your posts? What are some characteristics of this ideal audience member? Who is reading your posts now?
Blog readers come in all shapes and sizes, of course, but research has unveiled some important findings:
  • About 77% of all internet users read blogs.
  • More than half of blog readers move on in less than 15 seconds.
  • Even so, internet users spend almost a quarter of their time on blogs.
  • On average, people read 10 blog posts per day.
  • Images attract eyes. Posts with pics get 94% more views.
Use analytics to learn about your current audience. Less than a third of bloggers do this regularly and so miss out on key information.
In conclusion, develop a picture of your ideal audience and make the writing process flow smoothly.
3. Celebrate Results
In 1999, 23 blogs owned the entire field. Today, there are over 16 million blogs on WordPress alone. With all that competition, you should see every reader as confirmation of your blog’s worth.
After all, they could have gone anywhere, but they came to you.
What are your goals? Readership? Influence? Income?
Analytics will tell you which posts worked better than others. So learn from this and celebrate the successes.
Because content is king, top bloggers are also highly productive. They plan how they will write, know who their audience will be, and focus their energies on creating high-quality content.
Renew your own excitement in blogging and you will once again be celebrating with them.
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