Things to Know before you Shop Mobile Online in Philippines


by Kyla Camille, |

The world is fast becoming a global village and news spreads from one corner to another in a matter of a few seconds. Such has been the revolution caused by internet. We can see any event happening in a corner of the world through live streams. From live sports matches to news, everything spreads in a matter of a few seconds.

Mobile news is one which most tech related personnel are most related in. Apple, Samsung and Google smartphone launches are watched by millions all over the world. New phones are coming with innovative features and people are always interested in what the phone manufacturer has to offer. This interest is not only limited to news. Smartphones are among the bestselling items in shops and online websites as well. People are gradually moving towards online shopping for their shopping needs. Samsung and Apple products are frequently purchased online. In Philippines, people can buy Apple iPhone at Kaymu, ElectroWorld Philippinesand similar online marketplaces.

Mobile shopping is not as easy as it seems. There are a few key things you should know before you shop online in Philippines:

Buy from Authentic Websites

The rise of ecommerce means there are a lot of online marketplaces which have popped up over the last few years. Not all websites are equal. In Philippines, there are a few marketplaces which have established a good reputation and are popular among the general public. When buying a mobile, you should always opt for reputable websites.

Review the product and the seller

Online marketplaces have a number of different sellers selling mobile phones at different rates. Sometimes the difference may be too striking. Always be on the cautious side. First of all, go to the manufacturer’s website and get an idea of the proper price and then see if the seller is selling at that price. Also review the product before purchasing so that you don’t regret it later. Seller’s reputation should also be considered and therefore you should read what people have to say about the seller. Building credibility is important and therefore you should only buy from credible sellers on whom people trust.

Learn about warranties

A lot of mobile phones come with manufacturer warranty. This warranty covers anything from technical to software faults one may encounter. The warranty usually lasts for a year. Before buying a mobile phone online, you should always check the warranty and see what it covers.

Take into consideration the payment and delivery methods

The number of online marketplaces in Philippines has been increasing continuously but not all marketplaces offer similar services. The best sites will offer you easy modes of payment like Cash on Delivery (COD). They will also deliver in the shortest time period possible. Always consider these aspects when shopping online for mobiles. You don’t want to pay for a phone only to have it delivered a month later when its price has fallen.

These are some of the key things to consider before shopping online for mobiles in Philippines. Following these points will allow you to get a satisfactory experience.