Things to Know While You Plan a Concrete Driveway


Terry Blowhorn, Negosentro | A lot of things need to be watched while making a concrete driveway. That is why it’s important that you choose your concrete contractor and the concrete mix, very carefully. This decision of choosing the right contractor, or the right mix, later leads to success in the project by helping to attain a high-quality pavement for the car traffic. A high quality of concrete pavement really offers a bunch of benefits, which you must explore to find out why you need to be concerned from the first planning.

Benefits of Getting a Concrete Driveway:

A concrete driveway offers the following benefits:

  • Concrete mix is easily available and its availability in abundance makes it a low cost economic choice.
  • Concrete is highly durable, and once made it goes on and on.
  • It resists weathering and breaking when made well with the right concrete mix and with the right thickness.
  • The more water exposure it gets in the natural ways, the harder the concrete becomes.
  • Concrete mix can be set on any ground surface and soil type.
  • Concrete can be set in any smoothness, texture, design and color to give the driveway the preferred finish and look.
  • The property gets value added to it, when you make the driveway of concrete.
  • Concrete can really give your imagination a shape by being versatile in supporting decorative ideas.
  • Any property can look good with a concrete for driveway, and the look never interferes negatively with the aesthetics.

Why Hire a Concrete Contractor Carefully?

  • Here are some of things the concrete contractor will check for you, so that you get the best driveway to last for years without temperature influenced cracking and other such weathering problems.
  • The height of the concrete mix setting should be at least 4 inches, and if you believe traffic would come from frequent vehicle driving and heavy weight vehicles then this thickness must be enhanced.
  • Controlled mixer setting to ensure air content is not more than 6%.
  • Water content ratio is essentially below 0.50 which makes the driveway strong and lasting.

These things can be managed by the contractor, by controlling and monitoring the amount of air and water in the concrete mix. Experienced contractors use a mixture of water reducing additives and fly-ash in the concrete mixture, so that excess water in the mix can be avoided, and it gets the desired consistency. Now when you hire a good contractor, you really don’t have to give in much thought about these and check things time to time. The professional will do the job in the best way without blocking you for attending things.

Beauty of Concrete Driveways

Concrete for driveways can be decorated and given the look you desire. Any design, color, style, and finish you want can be given to the driveway. All you have to do is tell what you have in your mind to the concrete contractor, and they will make it happen. A variety of textures, designs which may be rough or smooth, graveled or ridged can be brought into effect exactly in the same way.

Where to Buy Your Concrete Mix

The quality of concrete is vital in successful completion and finish of your driveway project. You may buy the raw materials on your own, or may get ideas from the contractor too. Obviously, the contractor is a reliable source to suggest you the most reliable and reputed place for buying your concrete mix. Again, your homework based on surveys and customer ratings will also do good for the project. Whatever way you feel fit can be applied to get a good mix for a great stable concrete for driveway.

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