There IS a Secret Behind Positive Attitude


by Mohamad Khaled | via Linkedin |

Good performers show up on time, but showing up with a smile, ready to work and not impaired or tired, and this take you a step further…

In a world full of stress, deadlines, challenges and problems, having the “Positive Attitude” will make all the difference and will take you where you want to…

Individuals with positive attitude see the accompanying opportunity with every challenge, have the ability to motivate and inspire others, and are set as role model by employees to follow. Simply, they are “Leaders to be” showing high level of excitement and engagement enabling them to stand out. They will create a positive aura in the workplace and such aura will benefit all parties, hence reflecting on the whole business and work process…

The key to beat daily challenges in such a highly competitive environment is to be solution minded and not problem focused.

By nature people are resistant to change…

When you take on a new challenge, and having the task to introduce new procedures especially reengineering business processes that were applied years ago before you join, the tendency for the users to reject it will be very high and the ability to accomodate with it will be difficult, where they believe that their old processes were doing just fine for them, so why the Change?

Having positive attitude will enable you to be receptive and tolerant to what you face, it will give you the boost to achieve and execute your mission in a very smooth way.

To eliminate such obstacles in the journey to reach startegic goals, your positive attitude will be your secret. Leading by example, training, having new clear procedures… and making the users believe by showing quantitative and qualitative results of the positive change attained due to their ROLE in the new formula is a great way to make them acknowledge and adopt the change.

Give credit for what they achieved as a team, and they will become the sponsor of the new process and believe in it. Give Thanks, acknowledge their efforts, and celebrate…

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Mohamad Khaled is the Retail COO (Chief Operating Officer) of BLOM Bank

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