Therapy Treatments at the Ayana Resort & Spa

Therapy Treatments

One of the reasons why people choose Bali as their travel destination is to get some time for tranquillity and healing. The island is the perfect escape for this because of its calmness, beauty and the many therapy treatments you get from different places. The Balinese believe in therapy that helps to distress the mind and unwind from life’s complexities. Therapy is one of life’s little pleasures that you can indulge into while in this island. The good thing is majority of the places you choose to visit have therapy programs that range from massages, spa treatments, aqua healing and much more.

One of the favourite places in Bali Island for therapy treatments is the ayana resort and spa. Ayana is one of Bali’s most iconic hotels and people from all lifestyles make it their choice destination when visiting the island. Famed for its amazing beauty, excellent accommodation, wonderful cuisine, breath-taking beaches and many facilities, the people’s favourite Ayana 5 hotels in Bali also offer much more than just great food, accommodation and cruises around the surrounding areas. The hotels also offer excellent therapy treatments that provide you with unique experiences you will not find anywhere else. The highly skilled and well-trained therapists are a dedicated lot that ensure every experience is of high quality and beneficial to the body and mind. One of the main therapy treatments that set Ayana resort from the rest is aqua healing.

Ayana Resort and Spa Aqua Healing Treatment

Ayana has the largest spa in Bali Island and boasts the world’s largest aquatonic seawater therapy pool. The pool, Thermes Marine Spa, focuses mostly on French thalassotherapy treatments that help to bring out the beneficial healing powers of seawater. Other ayana locations that offer the same kind of pampering services are Rimba and Spa on the Rocks. Thermes marine spa, which is the largest sources its pool water from the Indian Ocean and before therapy, the pool water goes through warming to attain optimum temperatures. With over 60 jets and geysers, the pool then gives the body a complete hydro-massage that helps to relieve anxiety, tension, jetlag, fatigue and improve the body’s metabolism and circulation.

The aqua therapy from the pool does not only relax your mind and body but it also deals positively with other health issues such as eczema, psoriasis, back pains, muscular pains, cardiovascular problems, joint pains, diabetes and it improves the body’s immune system. Other benefits of this therapy are skin toning and relaxation, which improves the skin aging process, muscle toning, reduction of cellulite and improved sleeping patterns. The best recommended times to take the aqua therapy are after landing to take care of the jet lag, before taking a flight so as to have a relaxed travel, before a massage to completely relax your body and enhance the lymphatic nodes drainage and at sunset before you fo to sleep for dreamy and deep sleep.

The spa overlooks the beautiful jimbalayan coast and the lush gardens of the resort. The aqua healing is a 2-hour enthralling and healing experience that leaves you feeling like a completely different person. Also within the spa, you can pamper yourself after the aqua therapy in the state of the heart professional salon rat cares to all your beauty needs. With professional beauticians to cater for all your needs, you can enjoy pure elegance of personalised waxing, nails and hair needs.

Adjacent to the great spa, is Rimba Rooftop Spa, which offers spa treatments infused with botanical ingredients amidst amazing ambience. Rimba Rooftop Spa has a beautiful interior décor inspired by Bali islands beauty. The spa overlooks treetops and tropical gardens of the resort and it is home to an 18-hole golf-putting course, a gym, a cold plunge pool a café, a spa boutique, a Jacuzzi grotto, floodlit tennis courts and a Japanese restaurant.

Wrapping it up

The above are just some of the treatments to expect once you book yourself into the ayana resort and spa. Conveniently located only 10 kms from the Bali airport, you should make it your one stop for everything you ever wished to accomplish in your travels. Visit the place and go back with great memories and a renewed body and mind.  

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