The Truth About Socializing at Work

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Mary Rae Floresca |

There are groups that you interact with in your workplace. It could be with your boss, colleagues or your clients, what are the limits that you need to remember when socializing? Here’s the truth about it.

Company Day-off

Team building does not happen that often. This is an opportunity for coworkers to enjoy the free time but still poise and rowdiness must be observed. Mostly in the Philippines, the “outing” could be at the beach, swimming and boodle-fight, but keep in mind that your bosses are still there with you. It’s their opportunity to observe and figure out your character, like how do you interact with your colleagues outside the office, and how well you compliment with them. At times, the company hosts team-building games. Participate and do your best, it’s fun and it strengthens your work relationship with colleagues and bosses.

Lunch-out and after Work Gathering

Once you worked out your group of friends at work, it will be a habit that you eat together often. That is alright, you work out relationships with them, and you build your own peers. You do random meet-ups outside the office just to pacify each other’s dilemmas about work. It’s fun that you get to know people you are comfortable with at work, but make sure that you do not spill the beans too much. Especially when you’re opening up about sensitive issues about the company, yes even your complaints about your boss, or the system. Don’t entrust your thoughts too much and speak your mind right away. Sometimes, some people still do “Kiss and tell”.

Socializing with the Boss

This depends on the personality of your boss and probably the industry where you are in. When spending time with your boss after work, it is a chance for you to feel more at ease with him. You are knocking down the barrier between you and your boss but still drawing a line in the middle. Don’t forget that he is still your boss and recognize his authority. Going out with your boss is a change to get to know you better in order to give you a promotion or additional responsibilities.

Socializing with clients and Networking

When you do casual business meet-ups with your clients, do have a fund to spend for their meal. Or tell them what you will order so that they get an impression that they should not go overboard with their order. Also, get to pick the location where you should have the meeting. It should be a place that music is not too loud, or too many people that can be disturbing your conversation with your client. When going to business expos or fairs where you could meet potential clients, do it casually. Get to know them around first before you shove your business card to them. Or you could ask for their business cards first and most likely, they will reciprocate your gesture.


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