The Truth about First Job

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Mary Rae Floresca |

So you passed the test and you are already employed? Know what to expect on your first job.

1. It’s not like school.

When you get sick, you don’t just go MIA at work. You still need to go to work if you can. Yes, there are sick leaves but petty “sickness” are not acceptable. You are not skipping classes, you are there to work, to earn money for yourself and for your family. Your first job is an eye opener to what “real life” is.

2. Processing requirements

Before getting into any job, you work on medical records, government records like BIR, SSS, Philhealth, passport, the list goes on. Now that you’re an adult, learn on how to get those necessary requirements for employment. It is not an excuse not to have them.

3. You won’t receive the best salary-yet

You may have a lot of internships that you attended while studying; however, that’s not the basis of your salary. Since you are a fresh graduate, tendency is, employers will first take advantage of your skills. New hire for a fresh grad really is a starting pay. Work your way up, it may take a while but eventually you will reach the salary you want.

4. You will anticipate day-offs and holidays

In time, you will get tired and you will year for every weekend day-off or non-working holidays. You count down from Monday blues to Thank-God-It’s-Fridays. You also take note of the holidays that you know you won’t be working. But if you are required to work on a holiday, you will master how much will be added to your salary. The key to surviving a hell week is to stay motivated. Don’t drag yourself to work just to finish the week and get things done. It’s your first job, do your best and make an impression.

5. You realize what your parents went through

Maybe this time, you learn how much of a brat you are sometimes during grade school. When you want every toy at a store and you just can’t get it because your parents are budgeted. Now is the time you realize that earning money isn’t easy. It’s hard-earned money that you just don’t spend on unnecessary things.

6. You will feel liberated

First job? Yes, you’re working and earning money for it. That is pretty liberating. You will be responsible to contribute needs for your family, at the same time, finally buying what you want. When you are now a professional, at times, your curfews are off, you now get to spend more time with your friends. But don’t do too much partying, be a responsible career man/woman that your parents are expecting you to be.

7. You will ask a lot of questions

I used to say to myself “Mabuti nang makulit kaysa magkamali.” When you are trying to figure out something but you just don’t get it, don’t be hesitant to ask questions. You have your supervisors and officemates, they know better, if you are new, you will get the hang of it. Don’t be a “Miss-know-it-all”, though it is okay to make mistakes, you have nothing lose when you ask a few questions.

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