The Survival Guide On Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal | Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars which develops during the phase of adulthood, and it takes a lot of time to be developed. This set of teeth may not appear in some of the people at all. Some people get them after a certain age in their adulthood. The ones who have developed these might have to go for extraction as it causes severe pain during the time of development. A lot of people get nervous about the extraction process, but a consultation with the right dentist can make the person feel good as they would explain the entire process in detail.

Reasons For Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are multiple reasons to get the wisdom teeth removal done. Since it develops at a later stage in life, it becomes quite impossible to bear the pain, and at times it can be an excruciating one to restrict the person from chewing the food too. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of dentists recommend getting the wisdom tooth extracted.

Mostly, this tooth can cause infections in the gums and tissues while it is erupting as these are the last set of teeth which gets developed. The chances of the infections spreading and causing the other teeth to spoil are likely too. Hence, most of the oral surgeons recommend the extraction of the wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth removal is mandatory when they are completely or partially hidden in the gums. If they do not erupt completely, they sort of get trapped in the gums that are full of nerve ending and blood vessels. This ultimately results in leading to severe pain and other complications. Along with this, if they partially erupt, there could be crevices between the teeth that get created which can further act a passage for the bacteria to pass through causing the other teeth to decay.

Since it emerges from the lower tooth, there are chances of continuous infection in the tissues located at the back of the lower teeth. This can again be painful and also uncomfortable for a person to perform their eating and drinking habits.

At times, because of the wisdom teeth, people have even complained about tumors, cysts, and damages of the other teeth and that is the main reasons why a lot of dentists recommend the wisdom teeth removal.

Steps For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Extraction of a wisdom tooth is a step by step procedure, and it starts from understanding the severity of the pain and prescribing the right kind of painkillers.

Some patients suffer with fluctuating Blood Pressure issues. For such people, it is recommended to get the BP levels under control prior to the extraction in order to avoid any complications.

The dentists would also check for the history of ailments and any allergies related to drugs before putting the patient on a course of medicine.

The doctors recommend getting an X-ray done to understand the oral health and hygiene of the mouth completely. The X-ray tells them where exactly the tooth is and how to extract it.

Once the report is understood, the dentists would sedate the patient until they are completely numb.

Using the proper set of tools, the extraction of the wisdom tooth happens without disturbing the other teeth.


Of course, getting a tooth extracted can be a painful task but getting a solution from the pain all at once is always wiser than being in pain at all times. In order to protect the other teeth and to maintain the overall oral hygiene, it is important to get the wisdom teeth removal done from a renowned dentist. Remember to follow the instructions recommended by the dentist on oral care post the extraction to avoid any further complications.

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