The Power of the Poster: How Big Images Help Big Businesses

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Kyla Camille | |

When a brand wants attention it needs a big bold image; it has and always will be the case. From modern day album posters that college students paste on their dorm room walls, to the popular pin-up girl posters from the 1950’s, it is easy to see how this style of art has its mark.

When looking back at popular posters within the past decade, few posters have had the impact of “Hope,” designed by Shepard Fairey. This red, white and blue coloured photograph of Barack Obama was being circulated all over the United States, even before his presidential election in 2008. This poster is widely recognized all over the world, and has even inspired many spin-off poster ideas for artists as well.

A good poster can be placed at the right location, perhaps in a shop window, on public transportation, exhibition standsportable display stands, or on a big billboard, can have a profound effect for both the public and the brand itself. Brands utilizing posters and billboards to advertise aim to stop consumers in their tracks; they want every day people to see the image that is actually in front of them, as opposed to idly passing by. Poster advertisements also promote bold call to action items, the chance to promote a date, a new product range or an offer for people to react to. According to business specialists at Business 2 Community, “people who are more likely to see and act on a poster are themselves active, as in ‘out and about’. They may be looking for something to do, places to go and so on, and your poster could have the perfect message for them.”

While today we live in a digital age, the appeal of poster art and advertisements are still very much present. A strong image on a memorable poster can become a Facebook post or a shareable Tweet as well as the basis of new packaging design, for example. The new media can feed off a powerful poster or an exhibition stand to build a bold campaign across all channels.

Yet, how do such big ideas suddenly become transformed into big posters? There is an obvious need for artists, advertisers, and big brands alike to produce top quality work, if their message is going to be plastered on dorm room walls or exhibition systems for the next century.

In the world of digital printing, many advances have been made to aid large brands with their too, large projects. One digital printing company has developed large format printing solutions to allow businesses and brands to do just what they want; print posters, advertisements and discount displays to send across to their consumers.  These various types of promotional material come with varying needs, including the size and quality they require, but all businesses want a reasonable price with highly effective and quick printing.

This poster style of advertising helps brands to present a loud, clear, and effective message all over the world. Indeed, with all of the advances in the digital printing sector, it is only reasonable to believe that poster art will continue to be a staple in the advertising industry.

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