The Perfect Guide to Monument Valley

The Perfect Guide to Monument Valley

If you’ve never been to Monument Valley, Utah, you’ve got no choice but to add it on your travel bucket list because the destination is simply irresistible. As a holiday-maker, what more do you want other than a unique holiday experience? It’s time to get out of the obvious and dive into the world of crazy things you’ve never enjoyed before.

With over 150 things to do in Monument Valley, it can be confusing for a first time visitor to know exactly what to do or to expect during your vacation to this mystic attraction.

Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Monument Valley, Utah

If you never knew, monument valley is one of the US most iconic sites. The valley has become trendy due to its famous sandstone buttes, panoramic vistas and colossal mesas.

To get the most out of your adventurous trip to the USA, you need to learn how to explore Monument Valley in style. If you like it, find more activities to fill your time and stay till late as you enjoy fantastic nightlife in the city.

This Is Where The Story Begins

First, do you know what Monument Valley is all about? You need to know Monument Valley over and above to find out if its what you are looking for to make a perfect trip to Utah.

Monument Valley is located in Utah and part of the famous Colorado Plateau. Due to it’s close proximity to Navajo Tribal Park, many tourists think that is a National Park but that’s not the real truth of the matter.

If you are a movie enthusiast, you might have seen Monument Valley feature in several films and this could be triggering your zeal to tour the place. The valley is just beautiful and its cool environment makes your trip more relaxing as you spend time away from the urban noise.

What Do I Need To Get To Monument Valley

If you are a national from Visa Waiver Countries, getting to the US has never been this easy. ESTA- Electronic System for Travel Authorization is the very basic requirement for eligible international tourists who are not holders of the US Visa.

If you are planning for a trip to the US for business, medical or adventure purposes for a period not exceeding 90 days, Apply for U.S. Travel Authorization now. Visit the official ESTA application website to apply for ESTA.

ESTA is simply an automated system used by the US government to determine whether or not you are an eligible visitor to travel the US under the visa. Imagine, you can get your ESTA application processed in 72 hours. It is recommended you apply for ESTA immediately you confirm your travel dates to avoid any inconveniences or last minute hassles.

For visitors to know if they are from Visa Waiver Countries, all what to do is to visit the official US government website. Here, international tourists learn more about the requirements, terms and conditions to apply for US Travel Authorization.

The Easiest Way Of Finding Your Way To Monument Valley

There’s a couple of options available on how to get your way to Monument Valley. Flagstaff is the closest airport which is 176 miles away from the valley. To get to the airport, you need to connect planes from phoenix. The easiest way to access Monument Valley is via Tribal Park. There are vehicles here to drive you from the airport to the park.

What To Do When You Enter Monument Valley

As soon as you land here, real adventure begins with a scenic Tribal Park loop which they also call it the Valley Drive. Don’t mind the bumpy dirty and gravel road that leads you to the Monument Valley Visitor Park. A self-drive to this loop is the real blast. Now, you can relax and enjoy wonderful views.

You never know the real hassle than driving along the park on a rainy day. The road is simply impassable even when you’re on a 4 wheel drive. So, plan to schedule your tours on a perfect season.

While in monument valley, expect to drive on the Mittens and the Valley Drive dirt road and experiencing West Mitten Butte can be the next big thing for you. As if this is not enough, your trip to Monument valley cant be complete without a stopover at John Ford’s point. Here, you’ll enjoy scenic views you’ve never seen before.

Does It End Here, No!

You can’t get enough of what Monument Valley has for you. That’s why you need the perfect guide to Monument Valley so that you can schedule your trip depending on your interests. And because you might not afford all the time to tour every part of the valley, you need to be intentional about picking options that make sense to you most.

If you like it, you can give your adventure a unique twist by touring the lower monument, which is the second loop that takes you all the way past the rock formation mesas to the Totem pole This is got to be a great experience like never before. You wont believe it watching the amazing sunrise in the Monument Valley.

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