The Importance of Good Stand Design


by Reuben James Moriones |

If your business is going to set up their own stand or stall in an exhibition or trade show, you need to make preparations beforehand. Simply putting up a table and stall is not enough to convince customers. Setting up a stall at an exhibition or trade show is a vital marketing opportunity, and if the design is good enough, you could attract a lot of customers.

Trade shows and exhibitions attract thousands of people. However, to get them to visit your stall or stand, you must focus on its design. Remember, the first impression plays a vital role. A visitor will create a mental image of your business based on the quality and design of your stall. In a world where competition is increasing, businesses pay a lot more attention to such marketing tactics. Here’s why a good stand design is so important:

It Helps Create a Unique Identity

If you have set up a stall at a trade show or exhibition, it is very likely that other similar businesses are also present. How can you distinguish yourself from the competition? To attract customers, you need to create a unique identity for your business. The stand design can help you achieve that purpose. The first step is to attract customers to visit your stall and inquire about your services. The next step is to explain your services and try to secure the customer.

However, the first part is the hardest. The trade show or exhibition features hundreds of different stalls. You need to create a unique design that only looks outstanding, but also creates an iconic identity for your business. It can be a major tool to attract customers.

Maximizing ROI

The return on investment is a major indicator of a business’ viability. The design of your stand should be in line with your sales and brand messages in order to create a consistent marketing approach. This way, when a visitor approaches the stand, they will get a complete idea of the business, and will likely appreciate the marketing strategy.

From a business point of view, setting up a stall at a trade show is considered a marketing expense. Employees are paid an additional amount, while the business must also bear setup costs. A good stand design can help maximize this investment by generating more leads and interest from potential customers.

One of the best companies in the stand design business is They offer a plethora of different services pertaining to designing stands and stalls for exhibitions and trade shows. The company also consults with the clients about their requirements before creating the design to ensure the final design is up to the mark.


Trade shows and exhibitions are marketing tactics used by businesses to attract new customers or make announcements. A good stand design can capture visitors’ attention, which is the main purpose of marketing. This is one of the main reasons why so many businesses get their stands designed by professional designing companies.