The Highest Paying Careers in Public Health

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There are few job sectors that are growing at a more rapid rate than the health care sector. In the wake of the Affordable Care Act, millions of new jobs across this broader industry will be created in the coming decades. This is affecting every aspect of health and healthcare, including the area of public health. Anyone who is considering a career in public health has probably already deduced that there are many different types of jobs that can be considered. Likewise, most people take into account likely starting and average salaries before studying in a given field. If you’re pondering a career in public health and want to know which jobs pay the most, then continue reading to find out more.

Environmental Scientists

The world of public health employs all sorts of people from different backgrounds and interests. One of the highest paying careers in public health is in environmental science. An environmental scientist is tasked with assessing the quality of public health in conjunction with environmental issues. These individuals can find careers with entities ranging from the Environmental Protection Agency to local recycling centers; many are employed at various levels of government. Some have studied for their masters in public health online from institutions like the University of Arizona, while having prior backgrounds in biology, chemistry or engineering. The average salary for an environmental scientist is around $65,000, but can easily reach six figures.

Healthcare Administrators

If your idea of a career in public health is to help give back to the world, then there may be no better way to do so than as a healthcare administrator. While you might not be administering life-saving assistance yourself, you will be in charge of coordinating all of the services and efficiency of a healthcare institution. This can be anything from a walk-in clinic to an entire hospital. While it is possible to become a healthcare administrator with a bachelor’s degree, a master of public health is the most common degree in this job. The median income for a healthcare administrator is around $90,000 per year.

Natural Sciences Managers

Arguably the best paying job in public health, natural science managers are responsible for teams of other scientists in a variety of fields. They supervise tasks relating to physics, chemistry, biology, and other areas. Many NSMs are responsible for handling issues relating to research and development and will be tasked with overseeing issues such as quality control. This job is largely in an office environment, but some also spend a decent amount of time in laboratories. With average job growth in this area, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding employment in this profession if you possess a bachelor’s degree in natural science or a master of public health. Natural science managers can expect to earn six figures, with $130,000 being the average annual salary.

These three public health-related careers are undeniably some of the highest-paying professions in their field. Be sure to leave us a rating below letting us know how helpful this information was for you.

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