The Concept of Concept Stores


Maria Suzanne Plana |

Social media has given us numerous trends to keep up to and most of these simply die down after a while. However, one trend that is surely here to stay, especially in the Philippines, is using social media as a platform for enterprise. This is because it is so versatile, convenient, and easy to use! It is also accessible by almost anyone who has a smartphone and internet connection. Plus, sellers can be creative when it comes to marketing their products.

There is however a little bit of setback when it comes to selling through online platforms. Not everyone feels secured and complacent enough to patronize online shopping. Still, most Filipinos opt for physical stores because they can experience the products with their own senses. And there’s no worry that you will get scammed – you try it on, pay, and leave. Online shops can never live up to this sense of security. But it’s not their fault, it’s just mere healthy skepticism of smart buyers.

One way online sellers showcase their products for those who don’t feel secure buying online is through bazaars. And in the Philippines, this surely is a good and smart way to gather consumers because Filipinos love bazaars. However, these events only happen at certain times and last only for a period of time. It still is not enough. Hence the birth of the concept stores.

Concept stores are establishments that have collective arrays of products from different online shops. It’s a one-stop-shop for those buyers who likes the idea of an online shop but is too scared to purchase directly from it. Also, with concept stores, there is no waiting for your purchases to be shipped. Basically, the gist is like online shopping but physically! So if you’re just starting your online shop, make sure to go hand in hand with concept stores to reach out to bigger markets.

Most of these stores are located along with the university belts in the metro. Therefore most of its patriots are students and young adults. There are a few notable concept stores here and there already like Style Metro, and many are still popping up. The industry has started to bloom, and it’s not easy to see whether it will continue to flourish just like its partner – online shopping.


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