The 10 Biggest Logo Designs of 2017

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Sarah Guzman, Negosentro | A logo is a strong corporate identity, which not only helps in marketing activities of an organization but is also crucial for a brand’s image. It helps in creating a visual remark in the mind of the viewer and creates an imprint that lasts for long. We are in the world where the marketplace is very competitive. Therefore, it’s important to have a unique identity in the market.

If we closely study the trends in the logo designing industry, some of the design baselines of 2017 are listed as below:

  •      Simplicity: Simple shapes, lines, forms or geometric figures have taken a lot of attention this year. The formula was clear, pictorial representations that are catchy, easy to understand, easy to demonstrate on the reviews. Simple objects and lines are easily depicted and create a longer impact in short time.
  •      Stripes have appeared in massive abundance, letterforms, being used in concentric circles, and patterns to indicate movement, like chevrons, zigzags, and waves.
  •      2 Dimensional representations are reversing back in the trend. Big giants like Google, Apple have recreated their logos in 2D.

Logo Trends of 2017

Now let us see top emerging logos of 2017 as below:-

  1.      Mozilla

The web browser Mozilla grew from a tiny little company formed in 2004 into a powerhouse of the World Wide Web. The recent distinction was made in January this year by putting more meaning to it. The colons and forward slashes of a URL are replaced with simple letters representing ‘We stand everywhere’ – a common language through a shared font. In the earlier design, FF Meta was used. This time Mozilla collaborated with the Dutch type foundry, Typotheque to create Zilla, a custom slab serif font.

  1.      Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has always believed in the simple font styles, and it has always worked for them. The new logo was unveiled in February. In their latest logo design, they have used Sans Serif as their font style, used upper case letters with a kerning gap between them written in black color. The logo was introduced with the saying that “returns to the spirit of the original.” The new logo was created by Raf Simons internal designer, in collaboration with British art director and graphic designer Peter Saville.

  1.      Aldi

Aldi is a German supermarket firm. The new branding logo has been designed in the month of March by German consultancy IllionMarkensocietaet. The ideology was to be more contemporary featuring a brighter color palette and two-dimensional look with simple lines.

  1.      South by Southwest 2017

SXSWSouth by Southwest is conducted every year in mid-March in Austin, Texas-US. It comprises of interactive media, films, and music festivals and conferences. SXSW changes its logo every year with the themes for every year. The transition in March 2017 is made from a hip hop puzzling logo to a simple deadpan sans serif logo with the help of designers from Foxtrot. It’s again an example of simplicity taking its roof all around the corner.

  1.      Euro 2020

The biggest soccer association has revealed its 2020 UEFA European Football Championship logo for its 16th edition championship in the month of April this year in association with Y&R Branding Portugal. The new logo is an amazing depiction of collaboration and togetherness as it shows a bridge and people celebrating in different countries through different colors.

  1.      HuffPost

HuffPost is a politically liberal American news and opinion website and blog that now has both localized and international editions. The company has changed their logo along with the name of the shorter and cooler version in April. The new color combination is attractive, simple in font style using Klim Foundry National pointing forward. The slashes in the front and back are symbolizing the digital front of the news website as representations of the URL.

  1.      Action for Children

Action for Children is an UK based children’s charity committee which has the mission to help neglected and vulnerable children as well as young people. Johnson Banks created the new logo which was recently released in April. It takes quite a radical approach by setting the name of the organization which satisfies its mission statement. The logo is trying to express the difference it creates with its work. The title is strong and inculcates curiosity to read more about the work they do.

  1.      Paraguay

The new logo for Paraguay was released in April. Uma Studio created the logo for Bloom Kausa (advertising) and Consulting (strategy). The logo of Paraguay reflects its central idea stated which is “an economically fertile country.” The symbol represents three things sun, flower, and gear. The flower represents growth, the sun represents wealth, and gear the opportunities offered by Paraguay.

  1.      YouTube

YouTube is the most famous video sharing website which has changed its logo first time in last 12 years. The old logo was a tube in the tube while the new logo is a symbol of play button in a tube. The significance of a tube is related to the elementary part of the television. The color combination remains the same with simple text and font style.

  1.  The World Game

The World Game is an Australian football television show broadcast on SBS. The association comes up with trendy logos representing the latest leagues. The recent logo is a flash to the eye with bright, bold fluorescent green color on the clear black background. The patch of the football is used in the letter ‘O,’ which is looking stylish, and the wave on top left is taken as it is from the old design.

Logo Designing is an art and requires knowledge and expertise to design a unique, attractive logo. Remember that a logo is the first thing, which will attract customers towards your business. Therefore you need to hire expert designers to design a logo for your business.


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